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Greetings all, especially to those who continue to read this blog (I applaud you and sincerely thank you for encouraging me to continue to write) although I must say that I may go on a blogging hiatus soon because I will be drowning amongst assignments soon especially this Law Essay that's worth 50% and is regrettably due the day after my birthday. Fret not guys, because this year I'm celebrating it early 2 weeks in fact, so (just thought I'd ramble about my plans) on 31st I'm off to city with Mum for lunch probably at the Continental followed by Laudree and OMG 1st June will be a night to remember because CN Blue is gracing Sydney with their presence so yeah cannot wait!

Okay back unto the main topic for discussion here, so Youtube Sensation and I had a lunch gathering... mostly with med and law people albeit one should note that my friendship circle does extend beyond that so there you go Average. Alright so we trekked to this quaint hipster cafe in Newtown upon my request and wow decor was interesting like I often find myself mesmerised by the allure of retro vintage inspired places like The Baron in Castle Hill but once I get past the initial impression I find myself so out of place <--- my Area of Study moment.

 The roast jug on the left kept Average's mind busy

 So cool, ^ that's banana smoothie. Does anyone else think of MKR last year when they see this, like the contestants who served a pea soup (?) in a vessel similar to this picture
 It took me a while to finally put sugar in it but it was a good cup of coffee
 Poached Chicken Breast with spinach, pear chutney, king island brie, avocado, and chilli mayo baguette $13.50
 Chicken linguini made with spelt (house rolled) with coffee smoked chilli sauce, roast pumpkin and coriander & parmesan bread $15.90
Angus Beef Burger (grass fed) with tomato, spinach, organic cheese, beetroot, onion jam and coffee smoked chilli sauce served with wedges $16.90

Well I ordered coffee and the burger so they're the only things that I can critique. So coffee is well worth your money and time so do try! Apart from taking photos and strategising about how to go about eating this thing, I tried a wedge. It turned out to be a salt bomb but if you know my palate then you know that I am sensitive to and have a strong aversion to salt so this is just purely my experience of eating it. Needless to say someone else finished it off for me. As for the burger the grass-fed beef patty was definitely better than the ones you get at Grill'd, it was leaner and had way more flavour however I think Grill'd wins in terms of practicality because at least with their burger the bun is not monstrous and it is actually feasible to eat the whole thing as a burger rather than deconstructed. All in all I am a fan of their burger, that sauce and onion combo <3 but I feel very uncomfortable and awkward whenever I'm forced to deconstruct a burger.

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