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It wouldn't be wrong of you to think that Surry Hills has cafes and restaurants popping up everywhere because it seems like every week a blogger is discovering a new place in Surry Hills. Late last year/early this year Rustic Pearl was, like Paramount Coffee Project, some of the new must-try cafes to hit the Surry Hills scene. Rustic Pearl, located on Crown St is just seconds from Gelato Messina and Surry Hills Library but be careful as you may find yourself walking right past it. It is quite small with minimal seating but that should certainly not deter you from going there because what they serve up is well worth it.

Having finally eaten there myself I recommend it as a must to order a drink whether that be coffee, tea, smoothie or lemonade because you will surely be impressed. Drinks come with metal straws and for me personally I had a Turkish Apple Tea which was the standout of the entire meal which I will be back to have again. 

Left: Turkish Apple Iced Tea- with lemon, rose, mint & cucumber $6.50 
My first Rustic Pearl drink and I think I've already found my favourite which isn't good because from the pictures that I've seen of other drinks, I am in awe of the Rustic Pearl team and how they can glamorise drinks- everything looks outright amazing, end of story.
Great combination of the apple in particular, you'll find slices of green apple in there together with mint which works well to cut the sweet-sour of the apple and then the refreshing cucumber, rose for fragrance and a subtle taste and the lemon for that acid kick. If you don't want to think about how all those elements works in lay terms it was YUM!

Right: Banana Cinnamon Smoothie $6.50
With regards to the cinnamon smoothie, I find that cinnamon is really one of the things that you either love or don't really like so for those who enjoy eating cinnamon like I do, I'm pretty sure you will really like the addition of cinnamon in this banana smoothie.

 Homemade seafood gnocchi with garlic, tomato concasse, lemon zest, fish stock, thyme & gruyere $24
The flavours of this worked so well, good enough to the point in which I ended up lathering my gnocchi is that sauce until the very last bite. Great combination from the cheesy gnocchi, seafood which included pipis and prawns and tomato. I think herbs are a great way to lift a meal, they add this extra complexity and of course it tastes better to say the least and that's just what the thyme did.

As for what my friends ate, I'm a terrible friend for not remembering so please accept my apologies. Though I've added their photos
Baked eggs with sourdough and the addition of salmon
Aerial shot!
with the humble toast on bottom left

Sorry for the lack of information for the last few photos. But I'm sure most of you guys are here for the photos but that's okay. Next post will be on fashion.

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