The Grounds of Alexandria Review Take 2

Apologies in advance for photo quality, my mother and I were more concerned with getting food into our bellies rather than photo taking because we were running on a tight schedule.

You cannot go to The Grounds of Alexandria without trying their coffee
Staple flat white $3.80

The Grounds Solider- quinoa and seed crusted free range eggs with polenta dipping soldiers $17
I found the presentation really nice with the eggs nestled comfortably in their egg carton which reminded me of Three Williams and how they serve their croquettes in egg cartons as well. I am also currently in a phase where I adore chopping boards as a substitute for plates. In terms of presentation, I reckon that chopping boards musts a dish look more rustic and definitely more home-y. Upon spying flower pots being served up around me, I went through the menu trying to figure out what those around me had ordered because I wanted a flower pot solider myself, luckily I concurred with their choice of food because it tasted amazing. This was actually the first time that I've tried polenta and I quite enjoyed it, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside with a  lovely infusion of cheese as well. The quinoa and seed crusted eggs were also lovely (it's hard not to say good things about The Grounds) great crunchy texture juxtaposed with the egg yolk that oozes out which thankfully can get slopped up by the soldiers. My only comment would be that I wish the serving size would be bigger, my mum and I shared our meal but she did mention that had she ordered this only for herself she would probably still feel hungry after finishing it.

Well-being Breakfast- house cured trout, gribiche eggs and a green bean & fennel salad with beetroot relish, dill creme fraiche and The Grounds signature sourdough $19 

I have a strange relationship with bread, after reading Novak Djokovic's book I've started to slowly move away from gluten rich foods but that also includes bread. Ever since high school I now rarely eat sandwiches because I find the supermarket bread to be very artificial and if I do it is packed full of grains to the point you'd think I was a bird. However I do adore my sourdough bread and yes The Grounds signature bread was bread worthy of being eaten in light of my self-imposed gluten restriction, I do hope that in the future they won't burn it as much. Most salad lovers should know that fennel does wonders in a salad, it's kinda like celery but not and that's what's great about it because it has the crunch of celery (as for the taste you really have to try it for yourself) but as for beans.... well the general consensus is who is daring enough to put that in a salad but surprising it turned out okay. There wasn't that raw taste so much but it still retained the crunch. Moving onto the other parts, gribiche basically means a French mayo/mustard cold sauce that was used to dress the eggs, the taste was subtle but still there, all-in-all great food for those needing a good fill.
Finally, Yay for chopping boards agains.

Was super excited when I saw this on practically every table because it was a new addition since the last time I visited The Grounds of Alexandria. First of all I love the cute container, that handle has somehow won me over. If I haven't talked about Himalayan pink salt already well I will very soon when I write a post about super healthy foods. But basically pink salt is the purest and most natural salt that you can buy, all of the salt that we buy today is very processed and as result it doesn't quite get absorbed into our bodies because it isn't recognised as something that should go into our bodies. Pink salt was formed ages ago- I think we're dealing with 250 million years ago when the Himalayas were formed but because it is so untouched and free from any refining your body will find it much easier to absorb it. There are also many healing properties associated with pink salt so just google it to find out more information.

Homemade Rose Lemonade $5
Maybe it was just me but I didn't really taste the rose.
Flowers for sale; went on a Saturday and even though it wasn't the designated market day there were still lots of stalls.

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