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Note to self: When going to a place next time, check how far it is from the station. Story is, when I first found out about Three Williams I assumed in was in Surry Hills because it fits so well amongst the likes of Reuben Hills, Le Monde, Chur Burgers and co. However upon getting off the train at Central, I realised that it would have been better to get off at Redfern instead, so tip to those looking to go here, it is best not to walk it from Central though it is still a reasonable walk.
Crunchy brioche french toast, blueberries, strawberries, yogurt, roasted pecans and maple syrup $14

I have heard so many people rave about this place's french toast and as someone who loves french toast I couldn't help but try it out for myself. Simply drag a few friends along (drag in this instance is a bit of a exaggeration, readers I'm a great friend). Question; have you ever had friends that have raved about a movie only to watch it yourself and wonder why you even paid to watch it? Conversely there's the reverse where they rant about something and you end up having your expectations set fairly low only to become pleasantly surprised when you experience it yourself. Well I'm sure we can relate in one form or another, if not both but what I'm trying to get at is that, I had fairly high expectations for this french toast but I am happy to say that Three Williams certainly delivered.

I think what made me enjoy it so much was the fact that instead of your typical buttered, eggy toast, textually it was nice to have that crunch element. And whilst it was mainly comprised of sweet components, it never tipped the figurative scale or see-saw for being overly sweet either. I'm so coming back to have this again.

Narnies- glazed beef short rib, slaw, gherkins, chipotle mayo $14
One of the must have things on the menu, a bit like a wrap but with a much thicker bread. I'm not sure if a narnie is a spin off the Indian bread naan since the names are quite similar but like I said the bread here is much thicker. The beef short rib was so tender and worked so well with the slaw and gherkins. I haven't written about gherkins before but I guess it's one of those love-hate food, I'm one of those people that love gherkins to the point that it has become a staple in my fridge. Note, you may find yourself eating it deconstructed but it is so worth it and filling as well so whilst it won't make my list for being under $10 it is however is well worth it.
Fish croquettes, lemon, aioli $3 each
Croquettes were absolutely delicious, almost akin to fish fingers but on a whole different level. The aioli was also lovely, I think I may have gotten addicted to this stuff because it always seems to come with whatever I order.
Carrot, apple and ginger juice $7 (not sure of this price)
For those that have tried carrot juice or combination of, I shouldn't have to explain myself with regards to the taste of it but I found it be distinctly carrot with the slight aftertaste of Apple and ginger. The taste also grows on you but based on my personal palette I might order a different concoction of fruit and vegetables next time I'm in need something healthy
Aerial shot is a bit of a must now and while I'm at it, I'm just going to take a bit of a tangent and talk a bit about one of my other interest that is, interior design. I may detest grocery shopping because i don't have my license yet but despite not having many interior shopping credentials, I really enjoy thinking of how to style rooms. My personal favourite is provincial French and one of the materials that I would love to use is marble because it's just so clean, and elegant. The downside to marble (yes it exists) is that as a material, it chips very easily and you will find it stains easily and quite frankly when marble is ruined even just slightly, it has lost its appeal. That said, the best and most practical solution is to look for an alternative because you don't want to hover over guests when they have coffee or a glass of red wine ready to mop up any spills do you? The other thing with marble is that it is more costly because you're usually looking to get it custom cut and don't forget that it is also ridiculously heavy so for those living in apartments be careful because if it is that heavy who knows if your floorboards will cave in- I know this is a wild possibility but it is certainly not far-fetched nor fanciful (who knows where I got those words from). I suggest dolomite as an alternative, it belongs to the same 'family' as marble but it is a lot more durable so for those looking to renovate, revamp or relocate I hope I helped when it came to making a design for a kitchen top or dining table.

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