Bills (Surry Hills) Review

I don't know about you but these days I feel really out of touch with Sydney's cafe scene. Maybe it's because I'm as excited about cafe food as I used to be. Is it my old age? I mean, I am turning 20.
Let's just blame it on my crazy workload this semester at uni and so my taste buds have taken a hit. So for my first cafe trip post-China, a friend suggested that we eat at Bills in Surry Hills. Don't kill me but I had no idea who the celebrity chef behind Bills was, I just knew that the place was always really busy. Honestly speaking, I thought the food was decent but definitely not worth the hype nor price given the small portions.

Ricotta hotcakes, banana and honeycomb butter $20

One of the classic all day items and so coming into Bills menu-blind this is your go to safe option. My friend was also the driving force behind what we ordered so it was good to take the passenger seat. As expected the hotcakes were super light and fluffy, so glad that they that gave us maple syrup in a jug because the last time I had french toast (Lemon Cafe) it was generously poured onto the plate- I was scarred from too much maple syrup. The honeycomb butter was a lovely addition, not too buttery because of the sweetness of the honeycomb. All-in-all, a great reminder of why we love to frequent cafes but if I were asked to pay for it again, I would probably opt for somewhere else. 

Flat white $3.90
Where's my $3.90 worth of cafe art!!?!! At least give me a heart

Coffee is standard, wasn't spectacular but wasn't bad either

Zucchini fritters, deep fried egg, haloumi, parsley salad, tahini yoghurt and pickles $23.50

First of all, I have to mention how deceiving the title of a big plate is because in my dictionary a 'big plate' is not what is pictured here. Other than that, I was contempt to just shut up and eat my food. 

Waiting for that yolkporn moment

Only to be disappointed but I guess I brought it upon myself since a running yolk wasn't mentioned at all

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your review! I think Bills is something everyone has to try (I haven't just yet) but it does seem rather pricey. The honeycomb butter on the hotcakes sounds insanely delicious and the hotcakes themselves look so fluffly and yum. The egg yoke was such a shame (even if 'runny' wasnt mention, I would expect it too!), you think a place like this would have the runny yoke porn perfected :P

    1. So many good places to go in Sydney. I wouldn't blame you for having yet to visit Bills



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