Stealing your Grandpa's PJ Pants

Been a while since I showed you guys some outfit photos and this set has been siting in my photo library for a while now, think December 2014 to be precise. Looking back at these photos now, I have confirmed a very serious first world problem- I need to visit a Benefit Brow Bar ASAP to get my brows reshaped. Forgive for what may perhaps be such a inconsequential issue but in my all too skeptical and unforgiving eyes, my brows are like caterpillars. Enough of that! 

So what I'm wearing is actually vintage, not really belonging to my grandpa (because that would be really weird) but this set was actually my mother's and she wanted to throw them away- cue in me berating her for not asking me if I wanted to take over as the new owner. I've never been a crop top person, in fact I bought my first one recently but there's just something about this one-two combo that has me singing praises. Maybe it is the PJ like stripes, which makes it fun that contrasts against the smart cutting for a touch of elegance and capped off with the high cut for a sneak peek-a-boo of skin. I don't know if that just made sense to anyone but I'm in!

Top and Pants: Vintage from my mother's closet 
Hat: Lack of Color Spencer boater
Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti (though not visible)


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