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I don't know about you but I struggle to name Chinese tea houses in Sydney. Japanese ones seem to come to mind a lot easier but as an avid Chinese tea drinker, I applauded the respect that Pu'er afforded to tea by making it relevant to a contemporary Australian market yet still paying homage to the cultural significance of tea.  

1995 Loose Leaf Premium Yunnan Pu'er $9

Pu'er is a very signature, traditional tea and it's very different from your English teas, green teas, etc. It's a much more complex taste- it's a thick, dark earthy taste with a sweet honey finish- but the more aged the tea, the more intense and developed the taste. And so if you order Pu'er, do your tastebuds a favour and go for as top shelf as possible. 

Sui mai- chicken, prawns & corn, seared scallop $8

They may not be three peas in a pod but they are certainly just as cute especially with the scallop on top. If I'm am just stuffing myself contentedly then I suppose that is the best compliment right?  

Crispy har gow- prawn dumpling $8

I think this dish really embodies the fusion concept behind Pu'er, yes a crispy pastry is totally unconventional but who can say no to something wickedly fried. For those vehemently against change, fret not because the inside is still that loveable har gow that you order at Yumcha. 

L: Hong Kong mini burgers- panko pork, house smoked chilli paste, hoisin, baby cres, golden mantou $15
R: BBQ duck tacos with house mayonnaise, shaved cucumber, spring onion $16

These share plates were hands down my favourite thing out of the entire meal and it wasn't the pork/duck that won me over. No- it was the mantous/bread. The golden mantou in the Hong Kong burger was deliciously crunchy and sweet and in the end I opted for a deconstructed burger just so I could eat the mantou on its own- yeah that's how good it was. Perhaps the Mexican 'taco' is misappropriated here because whilst there may be similarities drawn, the 'taco' is really a bao - a very good bao for that matter. Again, you can sing praises for how succulent the duck was but the highlight for me was the soft bao (can I get the recipe?). 

Three cup drunken duck with Shao Xing wine, slow cooked with shiitake and fresh basil $26  

To say that the meat is practically waiting to fall off the bone is an understatement. Tenderness of the meat aside, the flavours were equally as outstanding with infusion of the rich shaoxing wine. I have to add though that the wine is quite an intense flavour so keep that in mind when you order this. 

Caramelised Berkshire pork belly with Pu'er  and spice infused tea eggs $24

Who can resist a good pork belly? I may not buckle at the knees at the thought of eating it but my response will be nothing short of jubilee. Such is wonder of Pu'er's pork belly and tea infused eggs. The tea flavour is a bit muted in comparison to the Pu'er in the pork belly but if you've never had a tea infused egg then this is the perfect start for you.  

Lemongrass panna cotta, black sesame & peanut soup, smoked watermelon $10

This was a great way to finish a meal full of classic Chinese flavours but reinterpreted for a contemporary audience. Dinner at Chinese restaurants is usually finished with fruit or a sweet red beab soup and so unsurprisingly, Pu'er has upheld these little traditions that have come to be apart of the Chinese culture. Thought you should only smoke poultry meats? I did. But I have definitely reconsidered this after having their smoked watermelon, you're still eating an ordinary watermelon but for the undercurrents of the smoked smell and taste. And since all good things come in trios, I have to mention how on point the panna cotta especially together with my childhood favourite pairing of black sesame and peanut. 

The Gourmet Couture dined courtesy of Pu'er

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