Casual glam: Bitter's 5 Fall Favourites

Oh Northern Hemisphere, whisk me away so I can escape the lull that is the Southern Hemisphere. Whenever I look at my blog stats, I feel as though I might need someone to pinch me, so many of you guys are from countries that I can only dream of visiting at this stage and so when US company inspired me to share some of my fall favourites, I was so super excited deck myself in an all-American outfit (or as close to it as I possibly can). I always consider Americans to be spoilt rotten when you stack Australian retailers against the plethora of US shopping outlets available and brings together all your favourite retailers. They specialise in the gift-card industry by creating a virtual platform, or community. where people like you and I can sell unwanted gift cards or buy gift cards at fraction of their value. A part from US specialty shops, they also boast big name players like Walmart, Home Depot, Sephora, Nordstrom, Target and Macy's and for the record Target in the US is so much better than in Australia. My American wish list actually includes Target because they have had so many successful collaborations with up and coming American designers like Jason Wu, Missoni and Phillip Lim- I even managed get a Target jumper by Phillip Lim into the country.

I have always considered Fall or Autumn as being the prelude to Winter. Fall is also the time to experiment with layers and to figure out what outwear best suits your figure. One of my favourite coats would have to be the trench coat, be it Spring or Fall it is always one of my go to pieces; it's light, sophisticated and instantly makes any casual look chic. I also happen to tend to dress according to my surroundings and so whenever I think Fall, I think cascading copper leaves as deciduous trees begin to bare all. Perhaps that is the reason why I tend to gravitate towards the browns and definitely the neutrals for a softer look. A touch of white is also always appropriate (at least in my books) if you feel like you're wearing too much of a particular colour. 


1. Trench Coat: Ralph Lauren
2. Top: Michael Kors 
3. Pants: J Crew
4. Bag: Celine Cabas Tote
5. Lipstick: Nars Cassablanca (

Loafers: Borrowed from my mum

Gift cards are available from for Ralph Lauren, Nars can be bought from Sephora, J Crew and Michael Kors from Nordstrom. Again, I wish shopping in Australia was as good as in the US (you guys are seriously so lucky on so many levels) and I cannot wait for to go international!


  1. Pretty cool, Shirley! Thanks for sharing your fashion!

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