The Empire Collection: Connoisseur Pop Up Store in Surry Hills

First off apologies for my absence, after a few hectic weeks filled with copious amounts of tea to the point that it may be considered borderline extreme, I have had a few days of reprieve from uni assignments. For those that aren't aware, I am a big drama fan and can proudly say that I was raised on dramas (since 3 years old to be precise) and so these past few days I've been marathoning a Chinese war drama. But lest, reality hits and unfortunately uni is far from being over and so without further ado, I would like to let you guys know of a Pop Store in Surry Hills. One of my favourite treats is definitely Connoisseur ice-cream, though at times my stingy side cannot be reasoned with. I agree that for a take home ice-cream they definitely are at the higher end so I'll be sure to let you guys know if there is a sale at either Coles or Woolworths.

Connoisseur have released a new range of ice-cream, I actually saw it back when I was buying all the Lindt Chocolate that I wrote about earlier. I have to warn you though that these tubs are rather small and pricey for that matter.

Emperor Jing Zong (red bean ice cream paired with coconut), King Cyrus of Persia (Pistachio ice cream with cinnamon, honey and date sauce swirl), King Louis XIV (French Vanilla studded with choc flakes and mixed with Armagnac sauce) or Emperor Nero (coffee hazelnut ice cream with chocolate-coated hazelnuts and hazelnut liqueur sauce). You can sample all four flavours, I personally prefer Emperor Jing Zong the best followed by Emperor Nero


  1. Thanks for the tips, Shirley! I've read about Connoisseur somewhere else, too and it looks like the favourite flavours are Emperor Jing Zong and Emperor Nero. So I'll take your word for these two and will watch out for your sale alerts!

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    1. If others also recommend Emperor Jing Zong and Emperor Nero then it'll be a safe pick



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