Lindt like no other

Okay so this is a rather spontaneous post spurred by my craving for snacks and ice-cream. I rarely go to Woolworths or in fact grocery shopping at all, but when I do, I am a master at it (or at least I drop a lot of cash whenever I go). Admittedly I am a little sad that I'm too busy to go to Vogue Fashion Night Out (VFNO) but all the grief I felt washed away when I found out that Woolworths was having a 50% off sale for their Lindt Chocolates. And you know what they say,  chocolate is practically synonymous with love so need I say more.

 Feel free to browse all my Lindt posts here (p.s Lindt, hire me as a brand ambassador). And rather than a review this is just going to a be a post where I will just simply flaunt what I bought.

This is how I feel whenever I have to think about all the assessments that I have coming up. THINK FOOD, THINK CHOCOLATE

L: Lindor Balls Cafe Collection RRP $20, now $10 - bought this because I wanted to try Cappuccino and it was more worth it buying this pack than just this one flavour

R: Lindor Gala Celebration Gift Box $29.99- I'm not sure how much this cost because I actually found it lying in the chocolate section (don't judge me) but upon asking for the price and comparing it against how much it would cost at the Lindt Cafes, I was sold. When lindor balls aren't on sale they cost $100 per kg and so for a 480g gift box of chocolate, $30 is actually reasonable except for the fact that they do throw in some of the more ordinary flavours like milk, dark and white chocolate. That said, I absolutely love Stracciatella (cookies and cream) and peanut butter so I hope my Grandma in China will enjoy it.

Proof that I'm not lying:

I didn't do this all on my own though I did single-handed reduce my local store's supply of Lindt chocolate. Perfect Competition? I do not believe in such an unrealistic economic concept because if I was going to China myself then you won't see any Lindt left. Perhaps I should ask my dad if he wants me to buy more.... Did you know that my dad absolutely loves Picnic chocolates so when they were one half price I remember going to the cash register and buying 12 bags of picnic. So guys if you're in Sydney and you can't find any Picnic then chances are my dad go there before you (sorry).

Pretty much bought at least one of everything I wanted.

Creations: RRP $4, now $1.94
Heavenly Creme Brûlée x2
Divine Hazelnut x2
Sublime Mint x1

Excellence: RRP $3.89, now $1.94
Strawberry Intense (Dark) x2
70% Cocoa (Dark) x1
Extra Creamy Milk x1
Zest of Lime (New) x2
Mint Intense (Dark) x2
A Touch of Sea Salt x1
Extra Silk White chocolate with Madagascan Vanilla x1
Coconut Intense (Dark) x2
Orange Intense (Dark) x1
Roasted Almond (Dark) x2

So all up I spent $86.86 on chocolate... but I can be forgiven because they were on sale right... RIGHT (><) ?

Anyhow I'm now motivated to crank out a 1200 word criminal law essay for next week, wish me luck~


  1. LOL, I like your style! We're definitely thinking along the same lines....chocolate + sales = pantry full of chocolate!

    1. Haha yes agreed, my pantry has never looked better

  2. Oh no, I must have missed the sale by now :(

    1. I think they run till Wednesday so perhaps you still have a chance, if so get on to it!

  3. Oh wow, that's a lot of chocs! I sometimes get frenzied which one to choose and end up buying a bunch. I agree, Lindt should you hire you :)

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    1. If you can't decide, get one of everything and that way there is nothing to regret.



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