In the elements + a beautiful coat!

Sorry guys but you will have to excuse this set of revolting facial expressions, on the one hand you can take it as I can't take photos without looking like I want to hunt someone down or on the other hand you can think of it like I'm telling a story (I hope you choose the later). So whilst it may look all lovely and sunny in the photos, would you believe that it rained quite heavily after I took these shots?  

Have you ever had to wait for someone? Think of these shots as that kind of journey from where you turn up to the meeting spot, to realising that your date is late or panicking that he is a no show to when you're bored out of your mind waiting... just waiting. If you hate waiting, you shall be my new best friend, though I can't stand waiting for more than 10min without a very, very good reason so be sure not to stand me up.

Also, how amazing is this coat? (Don't answer if you disagree, I like to stay in my bubble) I usually stay far away from plaid but in this case, I couldn't drop my money any faster. There is always an exception to what you like and don't like and my man, Jason Wu is the plaid exception. 

Blouse: Ralph Lauren
Sweater: Ralph Lauren
Pants: Ralph Lauren
Shoes: Stuart Weitzman
Bag: Mulberry- Alexa
Coat- Jason Wu

Photos taken at Rouse Hill Town Centre (yes this place exists there)


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