Claire's Kitchen at Le Salon Take 2

So I'm slowly working through everything that I want to write and upload on the blog but you and I probably share those moments where all you want to do is just go and sleep. Nothing else matters but sleep. In fact, as I'm writing this, I am fighting off my droopy eyelids that are overworked from an early morning start to be at uni for an exam on a Saturday.

This is my second time at Claire's Kitchen at Le Salon and I had to take my best pal with me again because we have practically adopted and coined this place as 'Our Restaurant'. It would be my go-to place were in not for the fact that I would be broke if I dined here on a very regular basis. I have to say that this place is one of my absolute favourites restaurants and for me to say that means that I hold this place to a very high regard and in saying that you definitely will not be disappointed if you went here on my recommendation. Read first post here.

Steak Tartare $25-  served with condiment and toasted French baguette 

L: toasted French baguette
R: Claire de Lune cocktail $17- mix of Vodka and Creme Yvettes stirred with fresh lime, mint and raspberries then lengthen with sparkling wine. A fruity and bubbly drink 

If you've followed some of my eating adventures then you will no that I am not the biggest fan of pink meat. I am unfortunately that sad person that would order steak well done were it not for the weird glances and judgment from the waiter. As such, I have never in life had raw beef, that is until Claire came along. I trust the team behind kitchen without any reservations and if my waiter is gushing about their steak tartare then I cannot help but want to join him. I told my friend this but at Claire's none of my fast and hard eating rules apply because I know without a doubt that whatever you order is going to turn out to be amazing. Such was the case with the steak tartare. Hand chopped into tiny pieces that was the pinnacle of melt in your mouth delicious. I still haven't been converted into a raw meat girl but I am definitely willing to shed my well done alter ego when I'm here again.

Ocean trout roulade with pickled cucumber, Vongole, cauliflower, trout caviar and garlic cream $36

First of all how amazing is this! Absolutely loved the trout, crispy skin included, with the garlic cream. Looks may be deceiving here (let me know if you fall in this category) but the meal itself was very substantial and well worth its price tag especially with their generous servings of trout, which for the record is way better (and more expensive) than salmon.

Prosciutto rolled pork fillet, pork belly and boudin noir with apple puree, sorrel and artichoke chips $34

Post googling 'boudin noir', I can confirm that it is a blood sausage. Taste wise it very strong, kinda reminds of a intense pate but equally as delicious. I hate to be repetitive but we were just wholeheartedly stuffing ourselves. I love pork and apple, it's one of my favourite combinations and you can imagine my delight in combining the pork belly with the apple puree. 

 I promise that I didn't spend all my time taking photos

Options on the dessert trolley (these are all for display)

Unfortunately when you pick from the trolley, there is no 'menu', the waiter simply explains the options, you pick, then eat! It's a great system but for blogging purposes when you wish to recount it and you're left with your less than ideal memory. So we chose a mango and mandarin mousse with a chocolate mousse base as well. Needless to say that this was as faultless as everything I had. 

A bit on the brevity side but I'm letting the pictures do the talking. And should you want to read further then go and read my first post about this place. 

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  1. We feel ya, Shirley. Rest and sleep are scarce nowadays! It's great that you ordered that prosciutto rolled pork fillet, pork belly and boudin noir. How great could that have been! (We're biased on that pork belly, as always hehe)

    Julie & Alesah
    Gourmet Getaways xx



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