Travel Diary- Suzhou

Some more snaps as I try to get through my massive backlog of posts. And that's for putting up with my irregular posting schedule. It's getting more consistent nowadays, right? Things should hopefully return to 2014 routine come July when I am no longer sleep deprived nor surviving a day by day basis. Yes. That is when I shall have more time to myself and this blog unfortunately. 

So casting your mind back to December last year, I went on a day trip to Suzhou with a tour. Suzhou is in the Zhejiang province and is a 2hr drive from Hangzhou. It's most famous for being like a city built around rivers and waterways and that will definitely come across in the following photos. 

Photos from some rich person's house from around the Ming Dynasty. 

I am not rugged up for no reason. It was freezing cold.

Also how amazing is my sweatshirt. I've mentioned my love for digital prints for quite some time now and in particular one very special individual. More on this to come in the next post but in the meantime here's a preview.

If you've watched the Chinese drama Romance in the Rain (Qing Sheng Shen Yu Meng Meng 情深深雨蒙蒙), the drama was shot here (and the above photo)


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