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First post!

Welcome to my side blog aka my Fashion/Food blog where i bombard you with pictures and provide you with very little commentary (well we'll see...)

anyhow onto the fashion side of things....

A bit about me: I'm a massive lover of fashion especially vintage and seeing as this is a food blog as well I'll put some reviews about places I've been.
My Style: I don't have one, I go with the flow and I'd rather do my own thing and start trends rather than follow them. I also would like to warn you all I am currently in a hate mode towards most clothes sold at shopping centres. Oh and I'm a massive consumer of brands (yup I have tremendous brand loyalty) and an avid online shopper.

 The place where I used to go tutoring on Saturdays
Since my friend wants to remain anonymous to the world wide web her face has been blotted out but thank you for all your support. So the blouse I'm wearing was bought online as a backup for muckup day but hey who says I can't wear it casually. What do you think can I blend in without making a scene? 

Thanks for reading (:


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