London Calling

It's time for the Olympics again, ahh yes that sporting event that just happens to coincide with the leap year.

Unfortuately the Olympics run through my trials so I guess I'll just have to watch the highlights. Usually I would follow the tennis (of course), gymnastics, and syncronised diving.

I didn't watch the full opening but I did get to see Maria and Nole carry the flag for Russia and Serbia. Don't they look amazing after all they are the reason why I'm going to Melbourne next year. Also did you notice that heaps of tennis players were flag bearers?


- There are 4 tennis players in the top 10 richest athletes participating at the London Olympics. They are  Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Maria Sharapova and  Li Na (this came as a suprise).
- They are as follows:
1.American basketballer Lebron James with 43.8 million euro
2. Roger Federer with 43.5 million
3. American basketball player Kobe Bryant with 43.1 million Euros.
4. Maria Sharapova (<3), who has 23.1 million Euros.
5 &6. are also basketballers so meh
7. Novak Djokovic (<3) with 17 million euros
9.Usain Bolt, having 16.8 million euros
10. Li Na with 15.1 million Euros.
- Also  Rafael Nadal would have been at the fourth position but he withdrew due to injury.

All in Tennis + Success = $$$$
- Did anyone else notice that Roger Federer wasn't the flag bearer for Switzerland, instead it was given to Stan. Well Federer actually declined it because he thought the opportunity should go to someone else. My respect for him has just increased (:


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