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After having eaten 30+ macarons now, I do believe that I can be considered quite the expert when it comes to judging what the perfect macaron should be like. Having heard some positive feedback about Cre Asion macarons, I decided to give them a go.

Located on the fringe of Surry Hills, I guess you can class Cre Asion as a local treasure- not many people know of it except for locals or those who work around there. What I love about places like Cre Asion is the trek to find it, of course I don't go on a wild goose chase but it feels good to find the place you're searching for, it's often the obscure places that are a real treat and have something special to offer. Whilst this place is quite small the locals know it exists so that's all that matters, the rest is history because word-of-mouth is an invaluable asset. At first I was mesmerised by their array of macarons and I was so excited seeing them in exotic flavours, flavours which I though only Adriano Zumbo would dare to experiment with. I first had lunch there, originally my order was takeaway but upon seeing those adorable seats I just had to plop my glutinous maximus on them (hahaha I'm strange mood right now so don't mind me) and sit back and enjoy the atmosphere. The only problem was that I was at the city for an appointment, so alone and thus lacking an eating buddy (forever alone) and that got me thinking about how a few of my friends and I want to eat out at lots of places but we just can't find times when we're both available and thus we have resort to eating alone which for many (if not everyone) is considered socially unacceptable. So as my readers, let's be understanding of each other, let us not look down on someone eating their lunch on their own next time because you're bound to find yourself in the same position and also another thing that irks me is how often people are on their phones. I will tolerate if and only if you're by yourself because you need to preoccupy yourself but if you're eating with others then enjoy their company, why else would you guys eat together or is just for convenience? Enough of that tangent I'm going to end it with this article my friend showed me about Stop the 'Phubbing'  So if this has become one of your pet peeves then help me start this campaign against using mobiles (for a purpose other than text and call) at meal times and the social stigma of eating alone.

What you see is what you get, quite literally. It's amazing how their tiny kitchen (not even on par with my own) is able to churn out so much food and macarons, although they do have an industrial oven.
Sandwich: Smoke Salmon, Pickled Fennel, Capers and Soft Boiled Eggs $11

When I saw the price list, I was skeptical about how big my sandwich was going to be and wow it was so filling and this was at 2pm so I was starving. Great feed! I will definitely come back for more the only problem and this is just me but I loved the runny yolk, it's just that it was dripping and so it became really awkward to eat plus I cried (inside) when I saw the yolk dripping if I were at home then I would have no shame but that doesn't apply when I'm outside.  
How cool is that seat, it looks like a book
Macarons $2.70 each
8 for $21
24 for $55 
and there's one other option but I forgot to note that sorry
Cute box aptly next to my beloved Casio fx-82AU PLUS calculator
From the top: Bamboo Charcoal, Thai milk tea 'chanon', green tea, ginger bread, lavender, yuzu, rum raisin, truffle

My 3 favourite flavours

Edible Glitter
Before I begin, I just want to give a bit of a preface. For the most part, I was disappointed with their macarons because they were almost all hollow. I wish I was exaggerating (I'm not) when I say this but when you bit into them you see can see through to the other side and that's why they look so fat. Another critique of mine is the irregularity of the sizing for the macarons.

Gingerbread- shell very light almost hollow because of which it practically fell apart when you bit into it but you definitely get that gingerbread flavour and surprising it wasn't too sweet but again I have yet to have ginger bread or ginger bread flavoured food that meets the level of ginger that I like.

Lavender- again the shell was very hollow that's probably why they look so fat. flavouring itself was, to my surprise very pleasant to eat.

Bamboo charcoal- this was by far the most bizarre flavour i've seen or heard. What does bamboo charcoal even taste like? Is it like bamboo shoots because how else do humans eat bamboo, are we pandas and then is there suppose to be a smoked taste to it because of the charcoal. So I'll just do my best to explain what it tastes like... I think bamboo charcoal= black sesame, because that's what it tastes like. I'm guessing the charcoal is from the roasted black sesame seeds and the shell of this one wasn't as hollow as the others.

Green tea- hollow shell but the flavour was amazing

Rum raisin- very thin layer of ganache, I get the raisin where's the rum.

Yuzu- I swear this tasted like mango

Chanon- aka thai milk tea and finally a non-hollow macaron shell, lots of ganache and the Thai milk came through so well

Truffle- (white) hollow shell was a bit too sweet

Apologies for the brevity of the last few but I think you can imagine what I will say.

Bitter's personal macaron list for Sydney:
1. Baroque Bistro/ La Renaissance
2. Adriano Zumbo
3. Laudree
4. Cre Asion

Please note that this list is based upon my own experience eating the macarons of each of these places, Cre Asion would've been placed at 3 if it weren't for the fact that almost all of my macarons had hollow shells which is a big no no which implies bad expertise as I have never come across it elsewhere. Having said that, I have seen other photos where Cre Asion macarons do resemble the so-called perfect macaron so maybe (this is just me thinking) the batch that I bought weren't made by the owner Yu Sasaki. Perhaps, when I'm in the area, I'll pay them a visit again.

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