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I wasn't considering this as a blog post but it was requested by one of friends so I decided to follow that up. At first glance, Tom N Toms bears striking resemblance to Starbucks which is only a minute away (George St near Events) however one you get over the circular logo, free wi-fi and slightly higher than normal prices, there is little left for you to draw comparisons between the two despite me always referring to it as the Korean version of Starbucks to anyone who has yet to step foot inside it or has never even heard of them (heaven help that poor soul who has yet to break their Tom n Toms virginity).

Koreans masters of decor

It is because I've ordered this drink on so many occasions that I'm almost approaching that elusive 'free drink' and the best thing about Tom n Toms is that you can opt for hot or cold for most drink options. Personally nothing can beat a hot green tea latte but you do find that Tom n Toms can be quite stuffy in which case something cold is best and refreshing.

The next thing on your must buy list is their classic honey toast, sure if you deconstruct it, it's just toast that has been buttered, toasted with cinnamon and cream and honey but put it together and you have something that even amazing. Screw the diet, ignore those pestering inner voices going inside of you that are fainting at the sight of that tower of cream because it's so light and delicious!!!

Note the green tea latte on the side, hot and cold
Gelato bread (buttered bread with cinnamon served with gelato/ice-cream) with two iced green tea lattes with one of my favourite and best friends who just so happens to share my indulgence in green tea lattes and honey toast
Apparently I don't upload photos of myself on this blog so you should be surprised that there are two photos of me but fret not, once I finish writing all these food posts it's time to share my love of fashion.
Choco butter bread (photo courtesy of 365 friend)
Chocolate mouse with buttered bread with chocolate sauce. I guess they're tapping into the desires of chocolate lovers, for me it was nice but it could not compare to the classic honey toast. They also have the honey cheese bread and apple cinnamon bread.

On top of that I have ventured out from my green tea latte obsession by trying their sodas along with their pretzels. I think its worth trying their sodas at least once

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