Lorraine's Patisserie + Bert's Pie Review

Guys, Friday was the last day to receive your free Bert's pie. Did you know that I was like the 5th person to get Bert's Pie (I went early on Monday)? A few of the recommendations I had for my friends when they went to Lorraine's Patisserie was they should ideally arrive a bit before noon otherwise you'll find yourself stuck waiting in a very long queue with office workers.

The pie that has been gaining attention this week
RRP $7.90
Comments: This pastry is heavenly, before they handed out the pies they told us that they had to wait for the oven so that the pastry was just right and it was. I was a bit surprised to see dark brown top but for amazing puff pastry I can push aside the dread and my qualms of eating carcinogenic burnt food. A part from the pastry, I also loved the beef chunks in there, they were so tender as well so this pie is definitely a contender for the 'best pie' except I wasn't a great fan of the stuffing. It's probably just me and my Asian taste buds so I guess I'm not a fan of chunky soup flavoured pie filling.

Strawberry Mascarpone Cake $8 per slice
I have to first say that $8 is very dear for a slice of cake but considering the generous serving and the lovely mascarpone cheese (and it's price) I can forgive them for charging so much. The blow torched sugar on top provided added another texture, together with the strawberries and coconut everything complemented each other. I find coconut to be such a dominant ingredient but I have absolutely nothing to fault with this cake. It is truly worth being called Lorraine's Pastisserie's signature cake. Also, everything is made in house, visit them one day because you see their spectacular open kitchen. I just wish that they could provide some seating or dining in options.


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