Aroma Festival 2013

My first Aroma Festival celebrating all things coffee or at least that was what I thought the crux of the event was. In a nutshell, it where around 50 coffee shops/suppliers set up stall in The Rocks to sell coffee but let's not stop here because with Festivals, it's only mandatory for food stalls to present. Thus if you went, you would have been astounded by the crowds (busy even at 10 in the morning <-- the official start time) the most people I've seen in the Rocks apart for NYE. For anyone thinking of going then go get and buy everything you want then because I hope you're patient because I certainly am not. Expect a 40+ queue for churros and an unprecedented number (you're looking at at least 15) of people lining up for coffee and this isn't exclusive to one coffee stall, this applies to literally each one there.

My first and last coffee of the day and it was free! I would've actually bought some coffee if it weren't for the long lines.
 Unprecedented crowds at 11 o'clock in the morning
Too many people for short ol'd me
Waterfront! I'm adding this place to my eat wish list, the whole place is really cool, first there's the harbour views but you can see the view anywhere including Westpac building in Wynyard but the outdoor dining forms the deck of the 'ship'. If you can't see it click on the photo above and you can see where the mast ends.
Cute cups at The Rocks market
Wild Hibiscus
You know I first heard of Looma's from Facebook because it was one of the ads on the side and I actually clicked on them because I was considering catering options.
Macarons, would've tried them had I not planned to go Zumbo at The Star
Profiteroles priced at $2.50 each
I swear they looked bigger on display, but it was so nice
L: Coffee Mosaic, twas so cool, my friend and I tried to count the number of coffee cups needed but I gave up
R: Gingerbread Man $5- Why does gingerbread not have ginger? It seems logical right well no, because so far all the gingerbread that I've bought had only a hint of ginger in it, in fact it was so faint that I wouldn't even consider it as gingerbread. The exception was my first ever gingerbread and that was bought from a market up in the Lower Blue Mountains and never again have I tried gingerbread that was even on par with that first experience. If anyone loves gingerbread the way I do, though there aren't many of you, please do let me know so I can rekindle my love for gingerbread men.
 The highly sought after cup, jokes only I wanted it

Finally, time to do my part to save Australia's lagging tourism industry. They say a picture tells a thousand words so take what you must out of this iconic landmark.


  1. hey man it was you who gave up, I counted 94 on my end of the deal and you didn't count yours :(

    also just make your own gingerbread, but be warned grating ginger ain't all that fun

  2. Fixed it! I should make my own gingerbread except for the fact that I have no time at the moment to just bake



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