In the digital age it's only right that technology gifts us with amazing digital prints and that's what Mary does and outright owns!

One my favourite designers at this moment is Mary Katrantzou, she's a Greek designer most notably known for her floral digital prints that are just stunning and impeccably beautiful. They also come with a four figure price tag but they are well worth if you are willing make this investment, just scroll down below to see why.
Don't laugh,  but I see these clothes as a work of art because you can just loose yourself when staring at the, they prints rather than being etched on fabric, canvas or paper should be the more appropriate medium as if someone has painted such scenery after witnessing it first hand.
 If I happen to walk down the street and see someone wearing her collection, watch out because I might approach you and gush about how I adore your style and budget. Let's be friends, shall we?
 Imagine wearing this and then walking against the backdrop of such scenery whether that be the blooming cherry blossom or the cascading, auburn maple leaves. 

 Even one of my favourite Chinese actresses, Liu Shi Shi is regularly seen in Mary Katrantzou dresses on the red carpet and at public appearances

Mary also has tribal prints in her collection but because I'm a big fan of her oriental floral prints, I wanted this post to be exclusively about that. I hope you enjoyed admiring these pictures as much as I did, be sure to come back where I share my thoughts about other designers or trends.


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