Introducing 'Salt Meat Cheese'

If you haven't noticed by now then I should just tell you straight off- Alexandria is going through a process of gentrification which can be described as a process resulting in areas once ill considered are not prime real estate with lots of development. Examples include Redfern and Surry Hills in Sydney. Alexandria is a bit of a black hole for transport and residential housing alike with plenty of industrial warehouses but nowadays we're seeing an emerging Surry Hills propelled by the success and popularity of The Grounds of Alexandria. Joining the wagon is Salt Meat Cheese (though I do believe they were there first) and Bread & Circus.

 Huge Variety
It's practically a IKEA for people who love their food

 Outright Coolest Chocolates ever, try and guess who they are?
I have an idea of the far left guy but I'm not entirely sure other than that I can recognise them all, surprisingly

And of course lots of meat and the best thing of all is that I'll be back next week to visit The Grounds and this time with a car because my health conscious mum and I are out to buy loads of Himalayan Pink Salt, Quinoa and Buckwheat from Honest to Goodness- Organic and Natural Foods


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