Paramount Coffee Project Review

What happens when the owner of the insanely popular Reuben Hills in Sydney and Melbourne's Seven Seed come together? Well apparently that meeting eventuated in another cafe in Surry Hills and this it is not located in a spot where you have to walk uphill a lot from Central Station, although you may find yourself walking right past it, as did I. When I first heard about this collaboration, I instantly penciled it in to my eat list which turned into a physical appearance on my Eat List on my 'Notes' app on my Mac. 

It's unfortunate that there are popular places that don't have a menu on their website or for that matter a website to browse. I know that it may take the surprise factor out of the meal but on the other hand I think it also helps a person to decide on where to eat especially for those who have dietary requirements. So when I finally saw the all-day menu (I like places who do all-day) I guess I was a bit disappointed, it might have been due to all the hype surrounding this place and therefore chalking up my expectations to the point that I expected Reuben Hills quality menu only to get an average cafe menu. Maybe it was because there was no wow-factor for me or something that demands to be eaten at a cafe over my own creations or interpretations of cafe food at home.

Crab Po Boy: Soft Shell Crab, House Slaw, milk bun $19
I guess what led me to ordering this was the fact that I've never had soft shell crab in a burger or recently for that matter. The milk bun was really nice- soft and slightly buttered, I was perhaps expecting a bit more in terms of ingredients but the House Slaw cut through the oil of the crab well.
Jaffa: Choc-orange ice-cream, chocolate waffle, citrus syrup $15
If you've heard about Paramount Coffee Project before then surely you must have heard this is supposedly the go-to signature dish. As an owner of a waffle maker, I rarely eat waffles outside unless it is extraordinarily good. I found the waffle to be flavoured choc-orange and the ice-cream to be just chocolate rather than what the menu led you to believe, the ice-cream did melt quite quickly so I'm going to assume that they made it themselves. I think that overall it was quite nice but I don't think that I will be back because nothing really caught my eye or made me excited to be eating.

Cappuccino Milkshake $8 
Tastes just like an ice coffee just more milky because it is after all a milkshake. It was unfortunate though that half the jar is froth

First experience of Filter Coffee!
Kochere: by Seven Seeds Melbourne. Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia/ Heirloom/ washed/ peach, floral, jasmine tea $5
Not sure about the all the 'backwards slash' but they were on the menu so I just merely copied them onto this post. Considering that coffee is in the name of this cafe, I guess it is only appropriate and practically a must to order some form of coffee. I can't take espresso shots but I quite enjoyed filtered coffee- it pretty much tastes like a combination of coffee and tea (which it is), to me it smelt like coffee with a touch of floral and fruity.
And just like its parent, Paramount Coffee Project has strange branches in glass vases

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