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Short reprieve from all the food reviews and fashion posts, this post is just simply me talking about my exam habits which undoubtably features food, food and more food. 

But before I go onto that I should first of all mention how superstitious or otherwise paranoid I am before exams. I am one of those people that follow a routine and follow it profusely. I also hate Sydney's train network and since I'm paranoid of something happening to my train, I get to uni like 1hr early just so that I can have a peace of mind. In this case, I think my paranoia is completely warranted because anything that can happen to you when you are on the train has happened to me and so nothing surprised me anymore. I remember being delayed and extremely late for many reasons, the obvious is a train delay or cancellation but have you ever had a lightning strike kill the entire train grid on a Friday night, or a tree falling down on the trains, a landslide a couple of stations away from you, people jumping onto the train and getting executed, and finally mid-train medical emergencies. I know, I know that is quite a list but sadly on those occasions I was heavily reliant on public transport. 

Another odd thing about my exam life is that I have absolutely the worst stomach in the world. It's perfect for eating all sorts of crazy foods or just lots of food but it hates to travel and it hates it when I have to sit an exam. I feel as though it has a mind of its own because the day before I have an exam, everything is normal but come exam day, BAM!!! I get the worst stomach aches that come literally every time I have to sit an exam, but fortunately the stomach ache goes away when I am actually sitting my exam. I remember during the HSC I had to take Chinese medicine each day prior to sitting an exam just to quell my nerves. 

Is that weird? Anyone else in the same boat, do let me know because I can probably relate to your story as well. 

So for everyone that no longer have to consider sitting exams, lucky you, I still have at least another 3 lovely years before I can probably say that I am through with uni.

Now onto the more pleasant part and that being, the food. I, like a lot of people that I know, snack a lot when studying. I feel as though there is no motivation unless I have snacks at the ready. Guilty as charged. 

Exam food haul
These guys rarely make an appearance in my pantry ever since high school but I know that I can always rely on them when finals are around the corner.

Lindt is like my best friend. 

Strawberries and Cream

This one was particularly sweet, but I find that that is usually the case with white chocolate. I found the strawberry flavour to be a tad fake but then there were also strawberry seeds, maybe it's all in my mind, who knows.

This one is milk chocolate, coconut a tad too subtle for my liking especially since coconut is a very distinct flavour. I think I still rather my Lindt ball picks from my first review

I don't know about you but I reward myself between exams, so this is a cinnamon cronut that I bought from Brewtown Newtown along with their soy chai latte.

I am a huge pickled food fan and my mother knows it so look at this gigantic jar of gherkins, if the angle looks deceiving it is actually 2kg. I also have pickled onions and artichokes at home but they don't taste as good as gherkins. I'm still trying to figure out what pickled food I ate in a salad at Courtney's Brassiere so if you have any good pickled food recommendations let me know as well. 

Finally, my last habit. This one isn't so much a habit anymore because I rarely go to the supermarket but I used to be crazy about dried fruits but I was really fussy about the dried fruits that I ate. Whilst I loved dried apples, they were pretty expensive for just ordinary apples so I bought dried goji berries, blueberries, figs and also cranberries (I called the dried cranberries Craisins because that's what OceanSpray called them- the brand I buy- so it is kind of like a spin off raisins but using cranberries instead).


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