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Hi Guys,

I guess you should have already noticed that things don't look quite the same. I'm currently in the process of switching over to this template but of course should you have any complaints let me know because I'm not the only one that visits this blog so I want to make it as user-friendly as possible. Issues that I currently know of: 6 posts are meant to appear on each page, apparently that has something to do with the file size of my posts so I'm tackling that at the moment. Another thing that I'm working on is centering the horizontal menu and yes I have tried googling for the codes but to no success because so far I'm getting a centered vertical list rather than a centered horizontal list. If anyone out there likes or is very familiar with html codes, make yourself known (please).

Visited paint today to prepare this mini-guide, either have fun navigating your way through to see the new changes. I hope you like it because I hate playing around with codes even if I barely do anything by most people's standards; I just quite honestly suck at codes.


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