Journey of a hat: at the Wharf

A few weeks ago, a friend and I found out that we both coveted a black hat. Though it may seem like a simple request, finding a stiff wide brimmed hat is a difficult task. I was first inspired and captivated by such a hat when I first saw 2NE1's Missing You music video with Dara dressed head to toe in Yves Saint Laurent which included this fabulous black hat paired with a black dress. The price however was far from being accessible priced at just over $900 and even if you had the money to purchase it, sorry but tough luck, it is already sold out alike many other hats of such caliber. After fawning over our ideal black hat with my friend and envisaging the perfect black on black on black ensemble to pair it with, I was determined to find an affordable version. That led me to scouring the internet, first ebay, then Polyvore, ASOS, the Iconic, you name it but sadly those hats were either just as expensive as the YSL one or  floppy and failed to meet my stiff requirement. My last option was going to the online store of David Jones and Myer and fortunately David Jones had a hat that might actually live up to all of my expectations but priced at $125 it would be my most outrageous purchase on a hat, coming from someone who never wears hats. 

The next day, I visited David Jones in the city, and they had the exact hat that I saw online, who knew that my friend was already aware of this brand (Lack of Color) before I had even looked at the label. The problem, price aside, it was a bit floppy, I know that I am sounding like a horrid customer at the moment but I really wanted a perfectly stiff hat. Friend to the rescue, she told me that you can steam it stiff and after a lot of deliberation and selfies in front of the mirror, I bought it. At first I wanted to return it but the more I played around with it, the more I grew to love this hat. I had a mini steam party before shooting this post and by steam party I meant running my kettle and rice cooker at the same time to harness their steam so I can shape the hat.

Outfit details:

Hat: Lack of Color Midnight Muse Montana
Turtle neck: from Mom's wardrobe
Skirt: Vintage, also from Mom's Wardrobe
Shoes: Vintage Bally
Coat: Vintage Byblos Hounds tooth 
Bag: Celine
Red Lip: MAC Ruby Woo

Perhaps this will become somewhat of a tradition now, but I'll finish this post off with some selfies.

Location: Birkenhead Point Wharf


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