Feasting at the Sydney Fish Market

Growing up in Sydney, I really only hear of the Sydney Fish Market come Christmas time when it makes its regular appearance on the news because everyone goes here to stock up on seafood for Christmas Day. I love seafood and this break I guess I have been following a see-food diet. I'm not entirely sure if I've gained weight because I rarely weigh myself but I started exercising today for the first time in a long long time.

 Come home with me fellas~

Two notables, the first anyone spying that delicious piece of salmon ready to be sliced up and devoured and second look at those plump scallops being blow torched.

Not an oyster fan but my mum loves them

One of my absolute favourites, smoked eel. I know you can get them in Japanese restaurants but you really only get a few mouthfuls of eel at most and I eat this stuff like candy.

I got there around 2 and this place was absolutely packed, it's literally like China, Asians love their seafood so there is no surprise in them flocking to the Sydney Fish Market in their masses. There are plenty of stores to choose from if you want to buy and dine at the Sydney Fish Market, my friend and I chose this place and we did not regret it one bit.


I'm not sure if this belongs to Nicholas Seafood but we got this from the store inside Nicolas that does fish and chip style food.

Potato Scallops 3 for $2.50 (they were nice and gave us 4 so my friend and I didn't have to split the third one)
Calamari rings 5 for $3.50
Whole grilled lobster with garlic butter sauce $34.50

After buying practically solely from this one store, I don't think I can go elsewhere anymore. I usually don't buy potato scallops but I had to make an exception because I was at the Fish Market. I found the batter to be rather oily so I would recommend only one per person because having more than is just too much. I would have loved to finish all the calamari rings that I bought but unfortunately them nasty seagulls kidnapped 2 of my calamari rings. Watch out for them birds guys because they were eyeing my friend and I profusely. I'm not sure if it was just because I have a tendency to run into bad luck or if we looked like easy prey but I am most definitely eating inside next time. With all that out there, I am going to buy myself some calamari rings again, batter was more crumbed so you didn't get an overdose of oil.

I'm not the biggest fan of these particular lobsters, I find them more chewy and not as flavoursome as the bigger ones. It might also be because I'm Chinese and I get spoilt when it comes to eating lobster so my palette has become accustomed to the much bigger ones. Next time, I will probably skip out on the lobster and if I'm in the mood for lobster then I'll pay the Chinese restaurant a visit.

(L) Whole piece of eel $14.50 
(M) $10 worth of sashimi priced at $50/kg (costs extra if you want soy sauce + wasabi)
(R) Scallops and Cheese and rice 3 for $10 (or $4 for one)

If only the scallop was the size  of the photo, at first I didn't realise that it wasn't just a scallop because that would make it a mutant scallop. Surprisingly the scallop, cheese and rice was a really nice flavour combination and I love the smoked flavour it had with the blow torch. Better yet you could see it being prepared as you order.


There is not much else I can say besides saying that though this is not a Instagram worthy photo, it most certainly rivals in not trumps all the other #foodporn shots out there. Who can say no to sashimi, unless you're vegetarian, then we can't be friends.

Words cannot describe how much I love my eel. I'm so desperate, I scout for eel in cans or frozen in Chinese and Korean groceries but I have a better alternative now. The next time I'm craving eel I guess thesis the place you'll find me.

Single scampi priced at $79.95/kg so I'm not too sure how much this one costs.
No this is not a novelty but rather a cult following for the precious scampi. The fish market prices are, when you think of it, really high- you wouldn't expect to pay the same prices for scampi or salmon at your local supermarket but when rows of scampi are looking you in the eye, it is hard to stop yourself from giving into temptation. 

For the record it was worth every cent, so juicy, sweet and ridiculously plump. Though not pictured, the scampi has a cut along the middle so it is more user-friendly for eating.

Trip to Gelato Messina in The Star to finish the day off
Single scoop of Blood Orange $4.50

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