Call me Plum Crazy

Lipstick: Tom Ford Bruised Plum no. 27
Nail Polish: Mecca Cosmetica
Bag: See by Chloe Small Cherry Crossbody bag 
Turtleneck: From mother's closet
Pants: Cameo the label Poison Tree pants
Hat: Lack of Colour Midnight Muse
Shoes: Bought off Ebay, I liked them because they have a black heel whereas the rest of the shoe is white

Perhaps this post should have been aptly called something along the lines of 'Crazy hat lady' but I presumed that that much was obvious. Besides I figured that there was too much plum particularly in the above photo for me not to call myself a plum crazed lady. Surprisingly, I've never been much of a plum person until recently when I came across Tom Ford's bruised plum lip. If you're not a lipstick person then paying AUD$65 for a lipstick is beyond unreasonable, in fact you should be screaming in rage. I would do the same were in it not for the fact that I am utterly in love with this colour, it is a shame that unfortunately even DLSRs cannot capture exquisite lip colours. 

P.S If you're looking to buy this, I got mine off Ebay because it is currently practically sold out everywhere since it was named one of the top lipsticks of 2013. That said, I did a tester at David Jones so I definitely suggest trying the colour out in person before committing to buy it. 


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