Elisa's Guide to Free Birthday Food

Woo, first guest post! Many of my friends know me as the person who always gets free stuff, whether it be at uni/city/at random suburbs whenever something new opens. So on my birthday last year, I went out to maximise my birthday freebies. I guess in high school you would hardly go to the city, but since to go to uni I have to go to the city everyday, so it was only a minor detour to get free food! For my fellow Sydneysiders:

An all time favourite. I’ve been getting a free boost every year on my birthday for over five years. All you have to do is join their Vibe Club. You also get other perks for joining them such as discounted drinks when they have a new flavour. Oh, they also have heaps of challenges to do that you can earn a free boost if you didn’t know already. Just have to wait for the challenges to come around. I can say with confidence that I haven’t paid for my last 10 boost drinks. I’ve always had one on my birthday, but they allow you to have 2 days before or after to get your free boost.

Lowenbrau Keller
Make sure you book beforehand, then you get to receive a free meal from anything on the menu, but you have to have another paying customer with you. Being Asian, I chose one of the more expensive steak dishes (even though steak isn’t really Belgium). My Mum ordered the lunch special  that day, so didn’t have to spend much. However, when we went again for my mum’s birthday during a weekend, they made us pay for the more expensive dish, and only the cheaper meal was free. So I think to maximise your meal there, it’s better if your birthday lands on a weekday.

San Churros
One of those things where you need to sign up for. It was my first time having San Churros last year. This one is worth it, Churros for Two (:

Baskin Robbins
Don’t go to the Darling Harbour one. Super bad customer service, and they only gave me a free kids scoop last time-it was more like half a kids size. After a heavy meal and churros, this ice cream was more like a “waste of stomach space.” Again you need to sign up

I’ve only bought Nando’s once, but to get their free birthday meal, just head in store to ask for one of their member cards (I didn’t buy anything when I got a member’s card). Last year you could choose any free main meal from 1/2 chicken, to ribs etc, and it came with sides plus drink. This year they’ve gone smarter, and you can only choose between a classic burger/pita/wraps or 1/4 chicken which are only worth about $8, and then sides plus drinks. I guess if you don’t mind the smaller portion, it’s still free food so it’s still worth it. After you get their card, make sure you register here

Free 6 inch sub with drink after signing up to their list. Don’t have to get it on your birthday.

Some new things which I’ll try for this year: 

Bondi Pizza
Signed up end of last year, and since it’s my birthday this week, I’m still waiting on my $25 voucher. I’m not sure when i actually get the voucher, but I’ve heard that this works, and apparently you don’t have to use it on your actual birthday.

Waterfront Grill
I saw on the 2nd August that to get a free meal on your birthday, you had to sign up to their emailing list the month before, so I missed out on this deal by 2 days ): Again, you need to book beforehand.

Pony Dining
It’s always good to try something new for free and I haven’t been to this restaurant before, but I subscribed to their list for a free meal. Problem is, they only give you the voucher the day before or on the day of your birthday, so I don’t know if I should make a booking for Lowenbrau Keller, or make a booking for this instead.

Kikki K
Sign up to be a member and get $10 off. The good thing is it can be used in conjunction with other offers like their Diary Love offers. This month it’s spend $50 get $10 off, so I can technically pay $30 for $50 worth of stuff. 

Other things like Muffin Break and Sumo Salad have freebies, but you have to get a card from them   after buying something, so it’s technically not free, so ceebs. I’ve heard you can get a free drink from Cha Time, but I think those are also a waste of space since I think there’s more sugar than tea. I haven’t had Easy Way since about 5 years. I do love my pearl milk teas, but I just think these chain stores have a ridiculous amount of sugar and ice, and also makes it not as worth compared to going to an Asian cafe.

After the first two things on the list, you’ll be super full so make sure you bring someone with you to splurge on birthday freebies!


  1. waterfrond and pony dining noted! Thanks for the insight ^^

    1. Glad that my friend was able to help you out.

      P.S just thought I should note that we share the same name :)



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