Kanzi Fashion Cafe Review

I probably should have looked at the menu beforehand prior to going here but after looking at all the instagram photos I was sold but unfortunately we pictures can be deceiving. I can’t say the same about Café Tiamo’s melon bingsoo but I did feel that the melon bingsoo from Kanzi Fashion Café was rather disappointing. ‘Bingsoo’ is the Korean word for ‘shaved ice’, if you watch a lot of Korean dramas or variety shows (guilty as charged) then you’re probably familiar with the word ‘patbingsoo’ where the ‘pat’ prefix means red bean. This dessert for what you get is quite expensive, and unfortunately I was the sad case that hopped along this bandwagon. For $18.90 all you get is half a honeydew where the melon has been scooped out in balls, shaved ice, ice-cream and a melon popsicle. It doesn’t sound all that great right especially when you consider how cheap all those ingredients are where the only thing inaccessible is the shaved ice. Guys learn from my mistake, if you ever find something that looks amazing on instagram or facebook, visit a blog to see what someone thought or at least find the menu online. It’s a shame that this place in particular doesn’t dedicated a part of their fashion store site to the café because I would have thought twice after seeing the price tag.

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  1. I have to say you can't say I didn't warn you

    1. Thank you Miss Tracy, admittedly you were correct



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