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If anything I am turning into a bigger staples girl then what I once was- whites, black and grey are now my colours of choice. When it comes to my bags, I'm a tad more eccentric but I can never stray from that structured black tote and for me that happens to be my YSL cabas Y tote. I actually bought it early last year but sadly it's a rather shy bag so I'm not seen with it often. I might do a review of my bags should anyone want to hear me gush about them and if anyone is looking to get the current YSL 'IT' bag- sac de jours- I'd like to point out that it is a very heavy bag.

I like details

I actually shot these photos after a visit to the post office where I picked up my new lens and on the way back I kinda nabbed these flowers. They were so pretty and so I couldn't help myself.
Because I feel much better with a coconut in my hand


Sunglasses- Bvlgari
Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti
Watch: Triwa
Bag: Yves Saint Laurent Cabas Y tote
Shorts- Country Road
Top and Vest- Vintage from my mother's wardrobe


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