el Jimador Street Art Series

Move over vodka and say hello to tequila and while you're at let's pay homage to el Jimador and its Mexican roots. Last week the brand launched their Street Art series where they teamed up with local Mexican restaurant Barrio Chino to celebrate the taste of modern Mexico and with good food, drinks (including their signature 100% De Agave), music and art by Peque it's hard to fathom one leaving without a smile plastered on their face.

I love a good cup art and how can I say not to the classic black and white combo. I wish I kept one as a souvenir. 

Live music throughout the night

I'm short so these shots didn't turn out as nice as what I would've liked but even so Peque's street artworks are amazing. If you got there early you would have seen it all live in action. If you're in Darlinghurst this month be sure to pay a visit to the Oxford Art Gallery so you can see these murals for yourself #lifeincolour.

Who doesn't like a good drink whether it be alcoholic or non-alcoholic. The appeal of el Jimador's #Jargaritas or #Mexology (so punny- get it) is that it subverts the cafe mason jar craze but whilst playing it up with their colourful drinks. Out of the drinks that we had, I wasn't the biggest fan of the shot but the novelty of the watermelon kept me contempt, the other drinks however were stellar. Think soda mixed with el Jimador spirits served in that snazzy black and white cup or margaritas made of blanco, agave, nectar and fresh lime (Right cup). I think my favourite drink of the night had to be the one my friend ordered which was a ginger beer based along with reposado, chambord and fresh lime. 

It is also impossible to overlook the gorgeous soft tacos made fresh by Barrio Chino; they were delivered in plates but with the bar thriving those tacos disappeared before they even made it past the first few metres. First taco was a tuna.

Should I embrace the snapbacks?

Thank you to my beautiful hand model

Cinnamon guajillo chile braised lamb with , jalapeƱo and tomatillo salsa on a taco.
By far my favourite taco, but remember that these guys come with a lot of sauce so don't pull a Bitter by having the sauce drip onto your pants. The tacos are also by and large quite spicy so tread cautiously if you if you have a low heat tolerance.

The Gourmet Couture dined courtesy of an invite from The Sound Campaign. 

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