Head over heels for Stripes

If I'm on a budget at the moment (which is true for the most part) then that does not include stripes and skirts. After seeing so much stripes at Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival (post extremely overdue but it will be up) from the likes of Bec & Bridge and Cameo the label, I will happily join the 'TAKE MY MONEY' craze as I look to add some of their pieces to my wardrobe. Their stripes are a lot different from the one pictured here, think soft grey stripes on a white/cream canvas. I also am developing a bit of a skirt fetish at the moment and with the weather warming up all I can say is brace yourself!


Hat: Lack of Colour
Shirt: Ralph Lauren Black label
Skirt: Country Road 
Shoes: Vintage Bally


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