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Look for the Giant lemon and you'll know that you're in the right place. I haven't brunched in ages and yes my Breakfast/Brunch and Cafe tag is probably gaining cob webs if they existed on the internet. Admittedly, this post was never even supposed to exist, my friend and I actually had plans to go to the fish market again but as always buses are enemies (not friends) and so we spent a good 15 minutes waiting for it to come before jumping ship and walking it to Surry Hills from Railway Square. You should know that at this stage, it was 1 o'clock and we hadn't eaten at all and so severe hunger pains were kicking it. Note to self, if you ever decide to abort your plans suddenly don't turn back because it is then that you'll regret your decision-in my case it was seeing the MIA bus.

So we wanted to go to Chur burgers since it has honestly been forever since I last went but they don't open on Sundays (I wished you guys would change that). Another note to self, look up the opening hours before making your way to some place. Plan B was Reuben Hills but waiting for a table didn't sit all that well with me, I'll have you know that I can become very cranky and crabby when my stomach demands food. And so it was Plan C, Rustic Pearl, and if that failed then Plan D; Bourke Street Bakery because that was the direction we were heading to at least. A 45 minute lunchtime wait on a weekend for Rustic Pearl !#=+*% No thanks. Keen for food, we settled for the closest available place- the Lemon Cafe which is strangely quiet in comparison to the other Crown St cafes. To be honest, I'm not that surprise, you find the food to be nice and affordable but with Sydney's burgeoning cafe culture, we have come to expect nice as being below average. Our standards have raised dramatically in the last year or two and so we will only eating the best but the best carries with it absurd waiting times like 1hr for a table at Brewtown Newtown.

Trying to hone my aerial brunch flatlay photos.
This is also the only photo I bothered to make look decent, the two below were just victims of my need for food. It was a case of okay here's a photo of the food in case I blog about this and yeah the rest is history because 'I'M HUNGRY- rawrr'

French toast with banana, ricotta, cinnamon & honey $12.50

It has honestly been ages since my last French toast, I think we would have to step back in time to when I went to Three Williams at the beginning of this year. Unfortunately it is a tough act to follow what is arguably one of the best and prettiest french toasts in Sydney and I adore my french toasts minus their contribution to my waist line. It may or may not be evident in this picture but there is an insane amount of honey on the plate, too much even in light of my sweet tooth. It would have been a better idea had they put the honey in a jar for you to pour yourself to your liking. Because there was so much honey, there was no escaping it really and so each bite was incredibly sweet. The toast itself was good, not brioche but good enough to meet my french toast expectations. It would have also been better if there was more ricotta and banana to balance everything. 

Salsiccia Trio- Chorizo, chicken and lamb sausage medley served with scrambled eggs, sweet onion jam and sourdough toast $15.50

Not quite a big breakfast but a step towards that direction. First of all the sourdough was buttered, I'm on a diet here and butter is public enemy no.1, would have much preferred butter to be on the side as an option rather than having the bread dripping with butter. My favourite would have to be the onion jam, I mean I love onions and I think it takes real skill to ruin onions and thankfully that was not the case. More so sweet and slightly tart but still retaining the signature taste of onions. The eggs were very light and delicious and went a long way to helping to chew the dry chorizos- these were a big disappointment. I wish I had better things to say about the meats but they were very ordinary.

Look for the Giant lemon, if not, it is practically right next door to Gelato Messina. All in all, there are so many great options in Surry Hills, that this place shouldn't be your first pick. 

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