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Warning: The Gourmet Couture is in no way responsible for any drooling, hungry stomachs or food attributed symptoms. A part from that enjoy the foodporn photos. 

I, like many, boast (hide) a bucket list for where to eat and I long wanted to feast on delicious pork crackling by Mr Crackles in Darlinghurst. I mean it's hard to wipe the name Mr Crackles from memory especially when it is so closely associated with the pork belly- words should not be necessary to describe how gorgeous this meat is. Rarely am I in the city these days, a part from going to uni, sadly my city errands (usually shopping) do not involve going to Darlinghurst. And so when I was given free reign to pick a spot to eat, I couldn't help but be a bit selfish by suggesting to walk to Mr Crackles all the way from Town Hall. I'm glad I dragged my friend all the way with me and you should not hesitate either if you're in the same boat.

Cup of Crackling $5 (5 pieces)
Crackles Classic- crisp skinned slow roast 5 spiced pork belly served with Vietnamese salad in a roll $12

I wish the roll was $10 so that way it would make it into my 'Places under $10' tag alas it is $2 dearer and so it doesn't make the cut. Despite that, it is one great feed! From the bread to the mayo, vegetable salad and the highlight- the pork belly- it was all good. If you're planning to take photos then this one comes in a paper bag (as opposed to below which is in a box) and so it can get rather messy to eat but the camera doesn't know that so just bear that in mind. For those that like, have small mouths, you'll find that you may end up just eating the pork belly all on its own before grabbing a bite of the bread and salad (small people problems). If anything the word 'classic' was aptly used because this definitely a crowd pleaser.

My comments on the crackling is going to be rather subdued. Ever since I had braces in high school, I have steered away from hard foods because practically speaking, I spent a lot of money on my teeth so I should take care of them and by taking care of them I shouldn't subject them to a lot of work. Don't get me wrong, I love pork crackling but this just wasn't for me, they were incredibly hard and so it will be first and last Mr Crackles' pork crackling. If you're keen to try this for yourself (please do just prepare yourself because they're probably going to be just as hard) then share it with someone. Whilst it may seem like a brilliant idea to have it all to yourself, just like fries, I doubt you will be able to finish it. 


Even closer. Sorry.

I should have paid more attention to what my friend ordered but excuse me because I was far too preoccupied with enjoying my own meal. I might have had something against those crackling chips (don't kill me) but the rolls are all good. No complaints at all. No words. Just happily eating.

Tip: The place can really only seat 8 people and even then the seating arrangements are very minimal. The place is best for takeaway so order your meal and run away to the closest sanctuary so you can devour your Mr Crackles goodies in peace. 

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  1. mmm mr crackles has a special place in my heart

    1. Yes! I remember all those instagram snaps earlier this year that had me swooning head over heels



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