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I must confess that I'm one very crazy bag lady. I know that shoes may be a weak spot for many women out there and that there are countless quotes about how shoes > bags and thereabouts anything else we can indulge in but no, I like my bags- a lot more than your average person. These photos were actually taken a while ago when I tried to enter a Sunglass Hut competition with the theme, 'Make it Reign'. Alas, I didn't win (I would have mentioned it otherwise) but I did use it as an opportunity to pretend that my house is a photo studio- sadly I don't have the space to cater for one. 

If there is one thing a girl need that instantly boosts their confidence and transforms a look from plain to chic, it would be a good bag. It doesn't have to come attached with a huge price tag but you know if (and only if) it is within your means then it wouldn't hurt to spoil yourself or others with a coveted bag. And because I covet bags, far more so than I should, I've shown a few from my (expanding) collection below. 


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