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With Christmas fast approaching, I don't think you need any reminder of that date. Christmas is usually an intimate and low key celebration at my household without any Christmas presents. We run on a strange present schedule with no presents on birthdays or Christmas but instead random days throughout the year. But even with my own muted celebrations, I love to shop and I thought I'd do a quick write up of Outlet Sydney destinations. I hope to add to this post after I visit more places that I want to cross off my list but for now please settle with a tentative list in the making.

Note: This list is restricted to those retailers of clothes, shoes, bags and accessories

So one of my all time favourite spots to nab a designer bag at a fraction of their RRP all year round is the Bally Outlet Store in St Peters. At last month's Sydney Food Bloggers Picnic that I attended, I actually met a person who bought the exact same bag as I did except in black and we bonded over how great the deals were at this place. Not to be missed if you're looking for that first luxe purchase that carries with it a smaller hit to your bank balance. In neighbouring suburb, Erskenville is the Jo Malone Head Office, I'm told that it is mainly for corporate buyers but they do have a shop on site where you are able to buy their perfumes, candles, cremes but again like the Bally store they usually stock last season's goods and they only offer a limited range. If you plan on going to Jo Malone give them a call first jus to confirm this information because I would hate to pass on the wrong information.

Jo Malone                                   Bally Outlet Store
165-175 Mitchell Rd                  8 Canal Road
Erskineville NSW                      
St Peters, NSW
(02) 9381 1200                          (02) 9519 2433

When it comes to outlet shopping it is hard to go past the two juggernauts in Sydney- Birkenhead Point and DFO Homebush.

Starting with Birkenhead Point: Photos are my biases

I adore their wacky and cute shoes and to the best of my knowledge this is their only outlet

DFO Homebush:
Sadly I don't come here enough. Just a few weeks ago was the first time that I went back to DFO since their renovation. It has now become a one stop including more homeware retailers- furniture and BBQs included. The renovation has also attracted fashion houses to set up their own outlets, this was the news that I was more concerned about.

Love the new look Ralph Lauren, reminds me of their stores in QVB and Chatswood Chase


Beautiful Armani coat that I wish I could call mine but for the fact that it's expensive and its 5 sizes too big. Did I mention that it was 50% off

Sadly their range of Trench Coats is very limited and I am withdrawn to going to the US for when I make that elusive Burberry coat purchase (one day)

I love Max Mara coats, they just didn't have much, if any in stock but I suppose that is given since I went in Spring/Summer 

Salvatore Ferragamo
Expect discounts on their bags and shoes

Biggest surprise. Would have stocked up were it for the fact that I have already stocked up.


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