Bitter's London Calling

Hello, sorry for my slight hiatus. I suppose taking 5 days to write up a new post may not be out of the norm for most people but for those that have been visiting lately, you would know that I was approximately uploading a new post once every 2 days. I just wanted to let you know that the reason why I was out of the blogosphere was because I had to do a group project that was due at midnight yesterday and I felt so drained after we submitted it. Unfortunately that is just the tip of the iceberg as my final exams for the semester are looming and I'm so behind on my law readings and notes so I'm going to resume my posting schedule of roughly twice a week.

Guys thank you so much for visiting, don't forget to say hello- I'm very good at replying to comments when they are on topic which brings me to the point of this post and that is SPAM. We all get it, no one is immune to it, and in fact in the past two days I have received the same text message from two different numbers saying that I've won some lottery. The title 'Bitter's London Calling' refers to this spam email that I received in my blog inbox. Story is, one day I suddenly received a lot of views from the UK, and I was like OMG yay more exposure outside of Australia. Then I checked my blog email inbox and noted that I received some junk mail, it reads:

Extremely Urgent,
I am David Brown from the United Kingdom.  I am the principal attorney of Abbey Law Firm in Bristol.
I have this privilege to contact after making some diligent profile search in your area in connection with late Mr.Ivan a client of our firm, a national of your country who died with the family in the terrorist bombing attack at Tavistock Square London on 7 July 2005.
Our client died in the tragic bombing attack with the wife and their two children. In 2004, he intended to buy a telecommunication company outside the United Kingdom but due to some problem with the communication company and the government of that country, the project was withheld for the issue to be settled. Under my advice as his lawyer, the investment capital was deposited for a 12 month Term deposit with a bank there. Due to the death of my client in 2005, the project was not executed.
Since 2005, we have been making every effort to locate our client`s extended relatives for the claim of the legacy but all to no avail.
To be brief, the bank is about to confiscate the legacy of our client, since there has not been any beneficiary presented following the termination of the term deposit since 2005. In other to prevent the legacy from being confiscated by the bank, we decided to make a family name profile search in your country and in the process of that we came across your contact with the same family name of our client, hence we contact you to have your consent to present you to the bank as heir to our client.
Kindly get back to us as soon as you receive this letter as the need is extremely urgent.

With Regards,

David Brown, Esq.
Abbey Law Firms Solicitors
Tel: +44 11723 07033

First of all, Mr David Brown, you wrote to my blog email which is not really a company as such but more importantly it is not a natural person meaning it cannot be the heir to whatever bogus project you're trying to scam me into joining.

Kind Regards,


Btw I still appreciate all the views I get from the UK!!!!


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