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Breaking the slew of informative shopping posts and judging from the readership I guess you guys are not complaining. Gosh, it feels like forever since I have written up a review but here it is fast-tracked because I had my lunch here today and since I was so excited about having a cronut today this post couldn't be delayed like the other ones on my to-write-list. I think I may have developed a slightly unwanted reputation amongst my friends, so it seems that every time we seem to go out to eat in Newtown, I will without fail bring them to a place that none of them knew existed (they mostly stick to Thai). The problem though, lies not with the food because I can guarantee that they won't complain about that, but with the location. I guess it didn't help that I took them to Mary's at night.... and for anyone who has been there, you would know that the location is uncanny or perhaps dissuading. So when I took the same friends to Brewtown today, I am perhaps now know as Bitter the girl that scours Newtown for strange alleyways looking for places to eat.

Cappuccino $3

Glazed Cronut $4.50

Cinnamon Cronut $4.50
A bite from yours truly

I hope I don't break the law here by referring to this as a cronut because it is officially trademarked as belonging to the New York patissiere that officially coined the term but OMG THIS TASTE BLOODY AMAZING. And since I wrote the last part in capital letter for extra emphasis, you can probably gauge that I am absolutely in love with this thing. It was my first cronut so I had no idea what to expect other than its basic description as a croissant fried in the shape of a donut. Dieters go away because this one is strictly for those on a SeeFood Diet. I personally love cinnamon so I had no hesitant deciding the cinnamon cronut but they also have it available with jam. My friends got the glazed and likewise gave positive feedback but according to one of my friends that tried both, the cinnamon one was his pick because it wasn't as soggy and was more crispy. Overall this is like buttery heaven sprinkled with sugar- what is not to love about that? For those concerned about it being too overwhelming, don't. Throw away any health baggage you bring to the table and simply just enjoy for what it is; a humble retake of a croissant but jazzed up to excite your tastebuds.

Collective meal!

baked polenta with mushrooms, grilled asparagus, poached egg, parmesan, truffle oil $15

My meal!
I really enjoyed the mushroom it is hard really to serve up bad mushroom but that said, it is an absolute sin to destroy the fungi that is mushroom. It was my second time having polenta, the first being at The Grounds of Alexandria for their breakfast menu and I absolutely loved that so I chose polenta today. It terms of what I thought today, I think that perhaps I personally rather my polenta more crunchy, maybe this sound picky but I say this because the 'block' of polenta was rather thick so with a soft centre texturally it would have made the dish better. Other than that, I was pretty content with the rest of the meal, may have questioned the need for parmesan but other than that I was one happy diner who will be returning back in the near future.

Mini egg benedict brioche roll. ham, hollandaise and egg $8.50
Not sure if there was a mistake in the menu because egg is written twice.

Beetroot cured ocean trout, avocado smash, rye sour dough toast, dill, persian feta & beetroot relish $16.50

Since a friend of mine said that I don't show my face enough so this is a selfie of me, bare-faced might I add, last week at 11pm trying to finish off my contracts assignment the next day. For those like me who are still at uni, I find that taking a shower is a great way to clear the mind and boost your productivity.

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  1. Great cronuts there indeed! Love it when they're especially warm and crisp, fresh from that magical oven they have there at Brewtown! :)

    1. Hello Anon', totally agree with your comment. The cronuts are really something else... now I want some cronuts (:



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