Ripples Sydney Wharf- Pyrmont Review

This meal was another one of my Eatability Specials or to be more precise it is a Dimmi special that you can take advantage of through the more well known platform, Eatability. So basically Dimmi is a booking application that a lot of restaurants use and they have this amazing rewards program- basically for every meal you book and obviously attend, you are rewarded with 1000 points and if you review that place you get another 1000 points. Once you reach 8000 points you can redeem them for a $50 gift voucher to spend at one of the selected restaurants and the list is quite impressive with my notable picks such as Baroque (still waiting on a chance to eat here, maybe for Vivid this year) and Claire's Kitchen at Le Salon which I dined there for 50% off (read review here). What makes this even better is the fact that you can dine out at fine dining locations for 50% and still be rewarded. 

If you haven't already done so, please like my Facebook page especially if you want to be updated about 50% off locations because I will be posting the restaurants that are offering this ridiculous deal. Also don't feel like you're missing out if you don't reside in Sydney because Dimmi is used all around Australia and I will be including all states with this offer when I provide these updates on my Facebook page. 

Pan seared scallops with almond, and pumpkin puree $22
(NB menu is slightly different than that provided online so I cannot give you guys an exact description)

I have to say that this was the highlight of the meal, when you think Pyrmont, you cannot overlook the harbour and seafood- they're hand in hand or at least to me they are. W O W was going through all of our minds around the table when we saw this, on an aesthetic note, I loved the teardrop presentation of the scallops. It kinda made me rethink my outfit choice for the day because I was actually contemplating wearing a teardrop sweater, but that's a different matter, my point was that I found it very unique and definitely a feast for the eyes. After we stopped admiring the food, it came was time to actually eat it (god forbid) and thank heaven it tasted as good as it looked. Those scallops were so plump and juicy, just seriously melt in your mouth and it doesn't stop there, that pumpkin puree was so smooth, so I'm guessing that that scallop really wanted to enter my stomach.

Fried Calamari with mayonnaise $18
I don't know if this is a once off or not but the calamari seemed to be lathered in too much batter and so the actual calamari itself was lost because all I tasted was the fried batter. And since I absolutely adore my seafood, you can probably guess that I was a bit disappointed with this entree.

Char-grilled beef sirloin, dutch carrots, parsnip puree, roast mushrooms and red wine jus $32 

Spanner crab saffron spaghetti, main size $32

My main, I picked this one because I wasn't in the mood for some red meat so I opted for carbs instead (yay). One thing that you have to keep in mind when it comes to having pasta in restaurants as opposed to your own home is the quantity of either butter and cream used because as sad as it is to say this, the more, the better for taste purposes (and not considering your health). The sizing was plentiful, I mean I walked out stuffed like a happy kid so that has to be good right? They also gave quite a generous amount of crab unlike when I went to Metro St James and ordered like the same thing. So in comparison this is far greater than what I had there as well in terms of taste since that spaghetti was infused with heaps of flavour. I'm not sure that this was good enough to justify the price tag, I mean it was nice and I was comfortable paying $16 for it no problem but were you to ask me to pay $32 then I would have to rethink that answer.

Affogato: espresso, vanilla gelato and biscotti $8 

Warm apple mille-feuille with limocello cream and vanilla bean gelato $14

Who doesn't like good pastry, especially that thrill you get when you cut through it and your hear the sound of a thousand flakes separating. I guess you can think think of this as a pastry version of an apple crumble with the gelato on the side with the crumble and the apple wrapped in layers of heavenly puff pastry all of which combine together to give you the word YUM and a great way to end the meal.

So all up I spent $90 for 3 people, bearing in mind that my friend ordered an additional ice coffee where drinks are not included but $30 pp was such a great deal especially for what we got. Snapshot: super helpful and attentive service, don't feel shy to ask them something and the must-try item on their menu has got to be their scallops. As I mentioned above, I will be doing posts on my Facebook page regarding similar deals like this so make sure you like my page to get the latest info.

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