UNIQLO Pop-Up store in Sydney


Hot on the heels of the Swiss juggernaut H&M opening in Melbourne, UNIQLO's opening promptly followed as Melbourne shoppers got a taste of the new shopping complex that is The Emporium and I guess by doing, stealing some of the allure of the once unrivalled Westfield Sydney. Not to leave Sydney out in the cold, UNIQLO is also opening up a pop-up store in Pitt Street Mall from May 3- September 30.

To a lot of Australian shoppers, the name UNIQLO may seem as foreign as H&M is familiar but to those who have yet to hear of this brand then you are in for a real treat. UNIQLO has traditionally been based in their home country of Japan, branching out to the US and China as well as sponsoring a few selected athletes like my beloved Novak Djokovic (slight bias here). They are one of the pioneers  of the trend that is 'Normwear' - basic and minimalistic clothing but done right, so think of your monochrome vests, T-shirts, cashmere jumpers, chino pants for the lads but attached with a Japanese brand distinctly renowned for their quality. As you are taught in schools when writing essays, it is quality over quantity and the same can be said about clothes, I'm of the opinion that fast-fashion may have reached it's peak. There is only so much of our disposable income that can be spent on clothes with deteriorating quality, and trends cropping up more and more frequently.  For the wise would invest in staple and sturdy pieces and that is exactly what UNIQLO embodies, sure their price tag is a cut above others but for that you will get something that will continue to be in season regardless of what everyone else is wearing.

Another thing to watch out for is their store design, I guess we can't judge it based on what the pop-up store will look like but Japanese shops are famous for their innovation when it comes to attracting foot traffic and I sure that UNIQLP will bring their attention to detail to Sydney. So from one shopper to another, I hope this was useful and if you're in the city why not pop because if anything it is a prelude of what's to come especially with the makeup giant Sephora due to land in Australia as well.

UNIQLO pop up store details

Pitt St Mall

150 Pitt St
Pitt St
Sydney 2000

Date 03 May-30 Sep
Open 10am


  1. I will certainly visit this UNIQLO POP-UP STORE IN SYDNEY... It seems to be great place for shopping

    1. Thank you for your comment Macky (: I hope that it will be to your liking.



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