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Hi Guys,

I must confess I am an impulsive (big spending) shopaholic, let's not even mention taobao because I've been too addicted to Ebay at the moment to even consider taobao but when I do lock away your credit cards please and instead brainwash me with dramas. So some of my recent purchases include a Vintage Gucci handbag and some vintage leather belts, the first was a steal and a spur of the moment decision but I remain adamant that it was a good deal. The later was something that I had wanted to purchase for a long time except I never really found the right one in store, something about the leather bugged me unless it was ridiculously expensive and hopefully my soon to be purchases will include a Ralph Lauren cashmere sweater and a pair of Stuart Weitzman and Valentino heels.

Now you probably might be thinking of how much I'm paying in total however these are all pre-owned with some minor wear. Thrift shops and buying pre-owned items may not be for everyone but if you overlook some flaws then you can definitely find a good bargain and it's way cheaper than buying something from the actual store itself because when you walk out you practically lose 30% of its initial value.

Onto my top picks now
1. L'Occitane Shear Butter Hand Cream. If there exists a heavenly touch then this is it, we all know how shear butter works wonders when massaged into our hands but you seriously must try this. It's so thick, non-greasy with a touch of fragrance. Now in store it costs $37 (AUD) for 150ml and because it's their second best-seller you shouldn't expect it to be on special but Sasa is currently selling it for $27 (AUD) and free world-wide shipping for orders over $39 (US) so be quick because they might just go out of stock

2. My Beauty Diary Mask
My Beauty Diary is a Taiwanese company and they have taken over the mask world, being an Asian, I love my skincare and it's only given that I would love my masks as well. Let's just say that after using them my skin feels much more invigorated and refreshed and to prove my love of mask let's just say I bought a shit load.
Well.... I just bought 7 of the above as well as other flavours not included in this picture
Mask heaven

3. Charlotte Olympia- She Sells Sea Shells
I take back what I said earlier, after Christian Louboutin and Giuseppe Zanotti is Charlotte Olympia in the heels pecking order. After that I'd say it'd be a mix of Valentino, Sergio Rossi, Stuart Weitzman and I'm being biased here but Rene Caovilla as well.

Basically these have been a pair of shoes that I first saw back in May/June last year when I was looking at shoes for formal except given their (approx) RRP $2000 I did not dare to even consider buying them but they still forever remain in my list of what covet.

I think that this photo is good for admiring the detail on this shoe because admit it, it's exquisite.

Now onto the sad part of this story. So I just found it on ebay for roughly $500 including shipping, the only problem is that it's a size 36.5 and that's roughly a size 6 not a size 5 (i.e. me) so I can't even consider it. I hate it most when I found something adorable on ebay but it's not in my size because I'm tiny and you rarely get lucky. BUT it is still available on the for approx $700 (AUD) and even that is a dramatic mark down from the original price but because it's on sale all that's left are the bigger sizes so size 35 is gone and there's only a size 36 left 
T_______________T but if you love it as much as I do and it's within your budget then I urge you to get it and who knows maybe you can message or comment to tell me about it.
I thought I'd show you these as well from Charlotte Olympia

4. Cage Heels
Okay this is loosely a pick of mine because I am a lover of the cage heel and by that I do not mean those gladiator style heels with the cage wrapping all around your foot , no! This is a heel that is see through and an actual cage. Of course, the inventor of this is the best god damn shoemaker in history, Salvatore Ferragamo but unfortunately it is a discontinued line so unless you're a VIP and personally ask them to make you one then be like me and dream on.

A few years ago however Ferragamo did release a limited edition one off pink Vara bow, cage heels for a charity auction in Singapore to raise funds for Breast Cancer research. However at that time I could barely even comprehend how women walked in heels let alone appreciate the beauty in them.
Personally for me this is the best shoe ever but then again it is also ridiculously expensive because it's bedazzled

Moving on
This is something that you can actually buy online or in stores
Charlotte Olympia Birds of Paradise Cage Heel 
I think the bird in the cage is very cure and quirky but that's where it ends for me. I think the front is a tacky and disjointed for the heel

5. Happy Lab
This is a shop that we went to today after our Single Ladies Luncheon, it's a shop for those who have a sweet tooth and foodies alike. I would definitely recommend their jelly beans, salted caramel popcorn and tiramisu karma nutra and hazelnut creme karma nutra
Purchases today are all for one lucky person. The test tubes in the back are actually sitting on a clear test tube and are filled with jelly beans. I chose (from the left) vanilla, hawaiian pineapple, strawberry smoothie, blueberry pie, butterscotch and cafe latte (:


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