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Fenix is a restaurant owned by Gary from Masterchef, I would say that it's a big step towards fine dining but it just isn't quite there yet. For one, its location, situated in a developing area which boasts IKEA as it's biggest attraction with the Yarra River running nearby which for the record is green.

So Elisa (she's a fan of Masterchef + they had a 50% everything special for January only) dragged us to Richmond which is a few minutes outside of the CBD, passed by this long street of Vietnamese food that made me crave pho pretty badly and then to a somewhat remote location.

Walked in and although we had a booking we still ha to wait a few minutes after several conversations with the wait staff. So service for me was a bit of a let down. Food though was amazing and I think it tasted better because it was so much cheaper (:

Something to share:
 Pressed pork belly, roasted cauliflower puree, Japanese scallops $18
Although the cauliflower was far from being a puree, they just seemed a tad steamed before being put onto the fry pan. The scallops and pork belly however were relish, the pork, juicy, tender and yeah melt in mouth feeling. My only ask is to load that plate up with more pork belly.

Sweet corn and gruyere 'cigars', tomato relish $14
For something to be shared, it was a bit hard unless you're dining with two. Crispy pastry though, and the gruyere and sweet corn filling went well with the accompanying salad and tomato relish

 Rotisserie 'du jour', cabbage and nashi pear salad, jus gras $35
I picked this one out from the menu (yeah trust me to go for the expensive option), when it arrived on the plate the waiter asked if I had order Moroccan chicken and I was thinking 'I clearly don't remember seeing that on the menu' so we clarified it by asking if the salad was correct which it was. The jus gras is the accompanying sauce or juice (jus is the French translation) reminded my mum of this medicinal tonic that I drink when I have the flu. I think I ended up being slightly afraid of the jus gras after she mentioned that
Ricotta and basil gnocchi, king brown mushroom, peas, porcini oil $25
I think that gnocci isn't really for, just a personal reason here mostly because I don't have a fond affection for a dish that is mostly cheese based but I am however a lover of fungi so the king mushrooms were definitely to my liking. It was also interesting to have king mushrooms cooked in a Western style dish because I've only had in done Asian

Didn't like how the menu was just a double sided piece of paper

Mango and macadamia "Bombe Alaska" $15
First ever bombe alaska and I must say that I am not a fan of meringues, fun and relatively easy to make just far too sweet even for my standards (I love my desserts), the rum sauce however did help
Inside the Bombe Alaska
All up the bill came to $55 not bad for 3 people stuffing themselves however in hindsight I regret not ordering more desserts because it was really cheap.

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