Sights of Melbourne- Part 2

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Picking up where I left over, after walking around the CBD and then lunch at Fenix we caught a tram back to the city to go play tourists (in our own country) but visiting the Crown Entertainment complex. So being underage I wasn't allowed to enter the casino, so I got ditched to go wander by myself but hey there's tonnes of luxe shops to browse and ofc Crown convenience store which stocks Sugarpova (:

 Selca with the candy as proof because I bought my online off DJs so this was my first time seeing them up close. They're technically 5c cheaper than DJs if you're interested.

 In the background there is the restaurant tram that was making its rounds
 And because Melbourne transport on weekends only costs $3.50 we decided to get our money's worth by making a trip down to St Kilda to see the beach (which was boring) and a side stop at Luna Park which for the record is older than the Luna Park in Sydney (I wasn't sure so I read the sign there).
Overall I think the Luna Park in Sydney is better. 1. Location it's hard to outdo Sydney Harbour, 2. Everyone knows that 'Bigger is better' and whilst Sydney land is more expensive, Luna Park in Sydney is also bigger and it has more rides/games/food stalls

Took a while for us to decide on a place for dinner, in the end we opted for this newly opened Chinese Vegetarian one on Swanston St, btw this was after we sat down at the Chinese restaurant downstairs only to get up to head to the elevator we failed to take earlier.
 I have to say that the decor was really nice, the waitress' outside was very cute as well. Real flowers^, they're gerberas 

 That's our bowl there, careful though because that's glass right there and in the hands of clumsy waitstaff it gets broken regularly. In fact we heard several glassware being broken while we ate. Also if you order tea (which you should because it's expensive there), it comes with a clear teapot like those sold at T2 and an oil burner stand so you can put a candle underneath it to heat up your tea pot when you're not drinking it.
 The lighting at our table, pretty cool right, the sink in the toilets was similar to this. I mean I would've taken a photo but who brings a camera to the toilet just to take a photo of the sink.
We ordered this mixed plate which looked nothing like the photo but that I mean they downsized. Can you believe that that plate cost roughly $50 yeah and several of those dishes were ridiculously spicy and when I say it was spicy it was bordering on unpleasant spicy meaning all you taste is 'hot, hot, HOT' and nothing else.

All in all while the restaurant looked nice, the food was mediocre, ordinary and insanely overpriced (a bowl of fried rice cost $16 and these peach like buns were $3 each for a bite, just a bite). Alright that's it from me, more pictures of Melbourne are up on my other blog including the AusOpen finals!


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