Eat Art Truck Review

Food Trucks are practically in front of my doorstep, not literally but they're as close as they're going to get and by that I mean they were at Parramatta and by 'they', I actually mean one. So Eat Art Truck........ To be honest, I wasn't going to have lunch from Eat Art Truck but two of my lovin' food more so than the norm friends who also follow and love MasterChef couldn't make it so that persuaded me to go and give it a try. I found the food to be mixed, first of all, it was raining that day and I was in an internal dilemma about whether I should even take photos or not because I had my umbrella in one arm, tote in the other along with a bag of groceries.

The chicken was paired quite nicely with the macadamia and aioli sauce but the fries were a let down, there was no wow factor just better than McDonald fries.

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