Becasse Bakery Review

I would consider myself a frequent diner at Westfield Sydney's Level 5 Foodcourt. Some of the restaurants here churn out decadent food for reasonable prices and yes they are often a sight to behold (hence the food is fashion themed promotion). I originally wanted to get a Mont Blanc Gateaux but they didn't have them so I had to suffice with a coffee eclair and they had a Croque Madame which is pretty much a French cheese toastie but a Madame has an egg on top and a Monsieur is layered with cheese.

I not sure about the prices this time because I pay much attention to it but definitely worth trying out some of the pastries from Becasse Bakery and most of the lunch options are around $10

Croque Madam $7.95 
Coffee Eclair $5.95

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