Places to eat for under $10 pp in Sydney

Are you a miser yet still enjoy the experience of eating out and having wholesome food. As a uni student my motto to spend within your means, a few of my friends know that I make lavish purchases but I am still Asian at heart which means I love a good bargain. So to help everyone out I've comprised a list of places to dine for less than $10 pp and we're talking places that will feed the hungry caterpillar in you (who got this literary reference). Note that fast foods are completely out of the equation.

1. Chur Burger in Surry Hills
I love this place words cannot express how good and filling their burgers are. I tried here's my post and priced at a standard $10 per burger that's a meal in itself. No need to thank me

2. Mamak (Malaysian)
You've got to try their roti and I hope that you guys will be able to get a seat without waiting in a long line.

3. Menya Mappen (Japanese)
Lovely cheap udon and soba

4. Oiden (Japanese)
Adjacent to Menya Mappen caters to those who prefer rice over noodles

5. Eating World Food Court in Chinatown (Asian)
If you're in China and after a cheap feed then head to this food court, it's almost opposite Meet Fresh. Try the Japanese store and the Thai place that sells this fried fish (it's curved) it tastes pretty good if not get it for the novelty factor.

6. El loco (Mexican)
Get in early if you want to sit down with friends because this place is sure to get busy fast

7. Black Star Pastry
Grab their lamb shank and red wine pie $7.80 <-- this is so worth the trek and filling as well without feeling as though you've just gotten your weeks worth of butter.

8. Thai la Ong 1 & 2 (Thai)
Who can top a $7 lunch menu? I'm struggling to think of names...

9. Beauty and the Beast (Korean)
Lunch menu is plentiful and nice. If you're with company do share a main or hotpot, they don't break the bank and they're sure to fill you up.

10. NaruOne (Korean)
Amazing Korean Fried Chicken (KFC sorry but Colonel Sanders original recipe chicken cannot compare to this stuff) go with lots of people and that way you won't feel too stuffed from KFC and it won't hurt your budget.

11. Satang Thai (Thai)

12. Pho Gai Hoi (Vietnamese)
 There are threebranches, one in Canley Height the others in Haymarket and Bankstown but the Canley Height one is more generous in terms of servings and is also cheaper. They serve amazing pho and if you're ordering for 2 then I suggest you buy the combination plate where you make your own rice paper wraps. They're I always order when I'm not in the mood for pho but I still want to eat this place and my god I get stuffed each time.

13. El Jannah (Lebanese)
I personally hate presumably carcinogenic chicken (i.e. burnt) and charcoal anything does not sit well with me however I cannot deny the crowds that flock to El Jannah each day, this I am not exaggerating. I catch the train almost daily and without fail there are long queues each day. The garlic sauce was lovely and this meal is as cheap as chips, literally.

14. Marrickville Pork Roll (Vietnamese)
Apparently even the decent and yet splendor pork roll cannot be omitted from this list. I don't believe that I have ever set foot in Marrickville however again with El Jannah, there's a constant line or so I'd led to believe.

12. Snag and Stand
I am of the belief that the humble sausage shall forever remain a sausage in my books regardless of how fine and gourmet it is. However that said, Snag and Stand offer amazing chips, try them with truffle aioli sauce and I guess the sausages are worth trying but only once in my opinion.

13. Pie Tin
They dish out amazing savoury and sweet pies

14. Regents St fleet of restaurants
If you can't decide on what to eat, then I suggest you make the trip to 'Regents St', there are 3 floors of restaurants, most of which meet the requirments of this food guide. You can pick and choose from several of them before settling down. The staff there are accustomed to people buying their food and then eating it at the opposite restaurant but be warned that it gets very busy so finding seats for large numbers will prove to be very difficult.

15. Temasek (Malaysian)
Lovely Malaysian food, good roti, laksa and do try their hainanese chicken. It's Western's Sydney food hive but expect bad service given how busy they are.

16. Becasse Bakery

17. Harry's Cafe de Wheels- Nothing beats the humble pie especially when you can get it served with masha and peas.

18. Big Bite on Pitt, exactly priced at $10, their sandwiches and subs are true to the word big

19. Mother's Chu (Chinese)
Just a warning, you might expect bad service.

Will add to this post when more places come to mind but I found this guide pretty useful although they are very particular about what you have to order


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