Dulce De Luna

Quick post, a while ago I attended Dulce De Luna's second store opening. As part of their promotions all of their coffees were $2 and when purchased they gifted a luna- pastry shaped like a croissant that isn't flakey instead glazed. Also bought an empanada which is a Spanish stuffed pastry that is either baked or fried, in this case baked RRP $4.50, store opening special of $3.

Even though the store opening specials are long gone, I do suggest you grab yourself a luna if you're ever in Wynward and for chilli and chocolate lovers you've got to get their chilli chocolate it really ticks all the boxes.

Self serve chilli chocolate $4.50- Argentine submariono where a bar of chilli chocolate is melted in a mug of hot milk
Best to have it dine-in, all you have to do is dunk the chocolate bar into the milk stir and BAM you get a big kick of chilli. Be warned, it's pretty chilli.

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