Cafe Opera @ Intercontinental Hotel Review

Anyone that is met with the 'fortune' of hearing me talk about food (it's a double edged sword) will know that I've wanting to go to this place for a while, namely because I love seafood and am in dire need of exercising so why not binge on food which should give rise to motivation for exercising (who am I kidding). Went on a Friday night, the most expensive time slot priced at $95 per person. I think hotel buffets definitely have their merits as well as shortcomings, I'm not the biggest fan of buffets in fact the last time I ate at one was for my friend's party 2 years ago, but the quality and the type of food that you get is what sets them a part from your average RSL buffet as well as the service which was really good.
The ambiance, the setting, the architecture! 
Camera decided to die so you're left with my shitty phone pictures. Sorry

 SASHIMI- so much to choose from, with tuna, salmon, king fish and squid
My tip for whenever you're in a buffet with sushi/sashimi is to never get the rice it's either hard (like it was for this experience) and rice fills you quickly and it's cheap so don't eat it.
Lobster Bisque with fried snapper (this was dry and overcooked) with American style ribs which were so good the only problem is that when it comes to eating ribs I need hands and when you're dining in a hotel hands for ribs are unsightly. I regret not getting more.
Lobster- Had a few of these to eat back my money but it was disappointing how they just reheated these, you can tell it's been cooked before and that it was definitely not that fresh in the sense that a live lobster killed on spot for you to eat. I guess nothing beats lobster at Chinese restaurants because they know how to cook lobster properly
 Macarons were surprisingly good, I wonder who supplies them
 I wish they had more blueberries, I practically picked all of them from the fruit salad and they were actually sweet and not like my failed attempts at buying blueberries from supermarkets where they were soft or sour

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