Garden Lodger's Cafe Review

Bought another Groupon and again another disappointing experience.You can read the rest to find out why

 Never thought I would take photos of my own uni

 Flat white
 Buttermilk Wattle Seed Pancakes served with bush berries, syrup and macadamia honey
This was the highlight of the meal but also one of the low lights, how in the world is this supposed to be worth $15.90 for 2 servings of what's pictured. To add to that, apparently there was another online coupon program running so instead of would be high tea menu we were given the other version which was apparently legit because of what produce they have on hand. 
 Ordinary tea cakes- Pistachio and Lemon and Sour Cherry, nothing like the advertised New York Cheesecake, etc. Must commend their choice of Maxwell & Williams tier stand

 Lamb Souviaki served with homemade tzazki and salad
Smoked salmon and cream cheese in spinach wrap 
Cheese tarts

Balsamic Vinegar dressing was way too strong, soaking half of the wraps and who includes salad for high tea. Is that even normal?
Although I do commend the staff for trying to compensate us for our revised menu, we got and extra 3 wraps and a cheese tart

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  1. Hello,
    You had 2x coffees normally worth $7.80
    A cake worth $4.95 already $12.75 worth if you were a regular customer not to mention the pancakes, lamb skewers, wraps, tarts and salad.
    You also had a weekend booking in a beautiful historic building in one of the oldest parks in Sydney. Try doing this anywhere else in Sydney in a similar setting for $20 per head on the weekend. You also took up a table for two hours and then whinged and whined to staff about the food after you ate every morsel. If you had bothered to read a little about what we do at The Gardener's Lodge you would have realised we support and promote Aboriginal Training and employment and incorporate Indigenous flavours through the menu. You made my Aboriginal staff feel very uncomfortable. This was unnecessary!
    I feel your comments are totally unwarranted and thoughtless.
    Proprietor The Gardener's Lodge

    1. Wendy,

      I appreciate your interest in reading reviews regarding your cafe however I feel that your last comment was particularly ironic. If you have read my past reviews or you know my criteria for which I base my critique you will find that I have been more than generous when I gave my assessment of The Gardener's Lodge considering everything I had to put up with during my experience of your cafe. Whilst I admire your goal and support the need to promote Aboriginal employment in the hospitality sector, I hope that you have reflected upon this snide remark, no where have I ever used this as a basis to attack your business or your staff thus, it is really your comments that were totally unwarranted and uncalled for. I hope that you can really take this reviews from past customers on board because they depict an unprejudiced snapshot of how your cafe was received from which you can improve on those areas mentioned instead of attacking and cutting down anyone who so much bothers to write something remotely critical. Also, I would like to clarify some of your misgivings, I had in fact a Friday booking and not a weekend so there are no grounds for you to continue to use this line of argument against me and nor does your setting justify any mistreatment that I received. Put simply, if you are going to sell a Groupon then there should be transparency in what the customer paid for and what they actually received. Two measly tea cakes can never be worth $4.95, not at least in a cafe of your calibre.

      In summation, I really do hope that you can learn to take every form of feedback possible in good faith, and I advise you not to bring ethnicity into the discussion in order to get sympathy marks when the topic of debate is concerning your food and service.

  2. Oh and in addition did you use the FREE Gardeners Lodge Wi Fi to post your blog?

    1. No, I wasn't aware of this so don't even try to use this as another groundless argument to attack me



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