Belljar Coffee Review

Away from the traffic of King St and Enmore Road, you might be surprised that a quaint little cafe is nestled amongst the foliage of Alice St (mind you Alice St is not your ordinary suburban street, it is too long to be classified as a 'street' in my opinion but that is a debate for another day). I don't know why but when I went to the Belljar Coffee, I was reminded of the days of milk bars- even though I never really lived through that era myself, but there is something appealing about granny knits, wallpapers and anything that exudes 'home'.

 Iced coffee $4
I was so shocked when I saw this because what is featured in this photo is a brick wallpaper, yeah pretty amazing.

 Banana mango passionfruit smoothie $6
A very different smoothie from what I'm used to, first of all it came with a paper straw- my first experience of paper straws came at Circa at Parramatta read it here. Unfortunately, the paper straw was a bad idea, because a smoothie is quite thick, the straw did soften easily and that made it harder to drink when you have a defunct straw. I'm also assuming that they used yoghurt to make this, maybe Greek because there was definitely that sour taste coming through which was interesting but I did feel that it masked the flavours of the fruits. As a suggestion for those that make smoothies at home, stick to a staple scoop of ice-cream or the sweeter varieties of yoghurt. 

 Salmon Plate- Smoked Salmon, Avocado, Ricotta, Lemon, Dill & Rocket served with Toast $14.50

The food was, in my opinion average, it wasn't bad but also wasn't a wow factor or something on the menu that particularly excited me either. I quite enjoyed the ricotta that came with it, I did expect the clumpy ricotta but what I got instead was very pleasant to eat and incredibly light. 

Belljar Stack- Scrambled eggs served with bacon, grilled tomato and mushrooms $17

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